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 Site's very first Auction: Golden Scroll Wristband

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PostSubject: Site's very first Auction: Golden Scroll Wristband    July 5th 2017, 14:04

Well here is a cluster**** waiting to happen but here goes.

I made items via crafting and decided to auction up my awesome items for others to possibly have. This is the first of many in the future so lets make a solid effort here.

Rules: Make a post with your bidding offer. Bids will be determined by the last post with the highest bid.

Deadline: Auction ends August 1st. Winner will be declared at that time.

Item Auctioned wrote:

Golden Scroll Wristband
A wrapping worn around the wrists of the Shinobi. Inside under the wrists, jutsu formulas are scribbled onto the metallic armor of the bracers. Uses of them allows one to freely trigger summoning jutsu of ninja tools.

Placement: Wrist
P. Effect: + 12 Dex. +12 End.    + Negate Summoning cost for Tool and weapon. (Total ingots used to make 1+ 3 via Workstation)

Details for sale: Made via gold ore-- and design allows one to Summon weapons and tools via the summoning jutsu completely free of cost when equip.

Starting Bid: 25,000 Ryo.

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Site's very first Auction: Golden Scroll Wristband
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