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 Special Delivery (D class Mission)

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PostSubject: Special Delivery (D class Mission)    July 11th 2017, 17:15

It was early in the morning and Shao got ready. He didn't even stop for breakfast as he got into his gear and put on his headband. It was his first mission as a SHinobi for Konoha. It was a proud moment as he quickly put on his headband and ran out the door. He joined his friends and teammates for the job. Mari was ready and so was Kyle-- both of them wearing their new leaf headbands. They had yet to be assigned a Sensei-- but they were allowed to take on jobs for the sake of gaining expereince and raising funds on their own.

"Alright!" Kyle cheered, jumping up into the air, "Let's get to work!"

"Kyle, behave yourself," Mari warned, "We are Leaf Shinobi now, and must show some professionalism. Even if our task is small, we shouldn't shy away from it."

"Yeah, yeah-- whatever!" Kyle dismissed hastily, tightening his headband around his forehead-- his long spiky hair parted for it to fit. "COme on! Let's get to work."

Shao shook his head. "Okay, we need to get to the office and make sure the mission ready to process-- otherwise we won't get paid."

"This is gonna be great! I can't wait!" Kyle shouted excitedly and took off running.


"THIS SUCKS!!" Kyle shouted aggravated, as he walked with Shao and Mari behind him. In Shao's hands, he carried a parsal as they walked to the outskirts of town. "I can't believe this is our first mission! Jeez!"

The mission was a simple delivery. Nothing praise worthy. They were promised good compensation, but even so, it was light, easy work they could do in an hours time. It was hardly even anything dangerous. It was good for Mari and Shao-- disappointing for Kyle as he complained the whole way.

"Kyle, would you grow up a little?" Shao groaned, "A mission is a mission. I rather do that than complain all day."

"I rather be training than doing this,"KYle countered.

And so they delivered the package to the house on the outskirts of the village-- made the confirmation drop and got their pay.


+ Reputation Points: +100
+ Ability Points: +125
+ Payment: Words x 2 (355 words) = 710 Ryo.

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Special Delivery (D class Mission)
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