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 Restless Training (Solo Training)

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PostSubject: Restless Training (Solo Training)    July 17th 2017, 09:19

Once again, Asura was up to face Ravana's overbearing, cruel and unusual form of training. He might of exagurated with those choice of words, but Asura was growing to question how insane his master was. He was a rogue ninja, a lecherous pervert, questionable ethics, and overbearing attitude. Not to mention his exercises are extreme.

But, Asura's body was getting used to it. Moreover, he was getting used to Ravana's hard core training.

It was now late at night. The stars shimmered in the night sky as Asura was now in the courtyard of his palace home. Ravana assaulted him with a series of punches. And for the first time, Asura could actually apply his own hands and palms to stop and redirect the blows from the overly muscular man. Even though he still remained light on his feet,

However, they had been doing the training for over twenty-four hours now, and Ravana had not let up. It was a test of endurance, as Asura tried to keep his senses sharp and respond against Ravana's assaults.

"Ravana!" Asura panted as he jumped away from one of his master's kicks. "Isn't this enough? I'm barely... keeping my eyes open..." Asura said between a yawn and a pant.

However, Ravana charged forward to deliver a punch. Asura's senses snapped wide away to push his feet back and stop the punch with his hand. Face to face, Ravana grinned. "Nonesense. If you got the strength to complain, you are far from tired!" he growled and threw antoher slash of his arm to try and knock Asura to the ground.

Asura pulled away just in time, but his reflexes were getting slower and sloppier with the passing hours. "Just... why are we doing this?"

"You are not to stop till at least a week!"

"A WEEK!?" Asura shouted, this time he was the one to throw a punch, fueled by his reaction-- but weak from his physical fatigue. "ARe you out of your freaking mind!?"

However, Ravana caught it as they were close, his grin wide. "Has any training I given you been done without a reason. Think, pup! " he growled and pushed Asura away.

Asura skidded across the ground, almost lost his balance, but retained it.

"You are to push your limits in how you fight. It should become second-nature to you, so much that even you can do it in your sleep," Ravana boasted with a laugh. "Your body should react completely on its own, even when tired, even when your asleep.  That is what this training is for. "

Asura slowly resumed a fighting stance Ravana charged in once more. Asura blocked with his arms, pushing aside the fierce punch from his master. Up close he sneered. "I have beaten little shits like you in my sleep. Literally," the big man breathed, "You got to hone your body so well that you can do the same. Even a genjutsu won't be able to stop your punches."

Asura understood, but still question if it was possible. To fight without consciousness ? If so then being trapped in a genjutsu wouldn't stop him from fighting.

That brief moment of thougth however, gave Ravana and opening and he delivered a fierce kick! Asura gasped as he was struck and sent flying across the courtyard. He smashed into one of the stone pillars, it cracked a moment-- and he slid down. However, despite such a spine cracking blow-- he was alive and still unscratched.

"Don't think!" Ravana roared at him, making sure his voice got to Asura in his haze of drowsiness. "Act! You spend too much time in your head. Now let your body move and take over! Use your body and instincts to think for you!" he instructed.

With a grunt, Asura pushed himself up and continued with his training.

The days and nights passed, and not once did Asura was allowed to stop. At first he felt it was cruel, and it really was, but as he kept going. Time blurred after a few days, the training now drilled into him by Ravana. As powerful and strong as the man was, he was now moving into Asura with the intent to push his limits further. Ravana wouldn't be satisfied till Asura became as strong as he was-- if not, stronger.

The days and nights soon seemed to blur. Even as he fought, Asura lost track between moments, almost as if his brain did fall asleep, but he kept on fighting.

On the 7th, day he did finally earn some sleep-- but yet his fists and blows still raged on against Ravana.

The insane methods of Ravana the Ravenous soon began to show merit after all.


exp: 784

Gear used:
+ 45lbs Weight Gear + (3 weeks, 2 uses before breaking)
x 45 Pounds of weights that are placed on one's wrists and ankles.
+ Effect: DEX Drops 45%  & +18 Improvement Points  [During Purchase & Must Be Worn]
+ Placement: Arms & Legs
+ Price: 20,000 Ryo

Training results. : Dice rolls 4 for STR, 3 for End. 2 of weights uses going for one of each stat. + 2 from quick learner.

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Restless Training (Solo Training)    July 17th 2017, 09:20

dice roll.

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PostSubject: Re: Restless Training (Solo Training)    July 17th 2017, 09:20

The member 'Enjin' has done the following action : Dice

'Exercise Dice' : 4, 7, 7, 1, 2, 8, 7
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PostSubject: Re: Restless Training (Solo Training)    

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Restless Training (Solo Training)
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