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 The forging of night and day (Weapon Creation blacksmith)

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PostSubject: The forging of night and day (Weapon Creation blacksmith)    July 18th 2017, 13:53

The rattle of metal and materials rang through the small forge inside the molten volcanic cave. Once again, Asura was among the forge inside the Naraka Cave, with the company of the somewhat brutish and foul-mouthed Vulcan. "So you had some weird dream that you can forge a master craftsman hammer? That has to be the greatest-- most extreme-- bullshit dream i ever heard." Vulcan said.

Asura sighed as he sat against the workbench of the forge. "Well there is one way to tell... we follow the instructions I learned and see what happens. I mean the hammer must still be able to be used to forge other stuff. What harm can it do?" Asura asked.

"Besides destroying your own tools, you loon." the tiger replied, giving a growl at Asura.

Beside Asura was already a series of items he forged that day. A special armor designed to be used for stealth, a special sword with one of the special sun ore as a base for one of his tiger friends., special shuriken he could use that used the soul-reflecting metals, and finally-- which he wanted to make, the special hammer capable of creating the legendary metal that could only be done by fusing the metals that represnet the sun and moon.

And only the hammer of a grand master could forge the metal.

"Riiiiight... maybe the tooth fairy will make you rich when I punch out all your damn teeth," Vulcan scoffed.

Asura pushed himself off his seat and approached the forge. Taking each of the hammers, he laid it out before him. "I don't really care what you think, Vulcan. I am willing to try it . If I am wrong, you're free to talk shit about me afterward." he said and tossed the first hammer into the forge. As the first hammer heated, up, he tossed in the second, then the the third, and finally the forth.

As the heat soon began to meld them together, Vulcan twitched his whiskers. "Well, this is entertaining," he said and handed Asura the clamps to reach into it. "Well you enjoy your stupid little imaginary magic trick and I'm gonna get a drink--"

WHOOSH!! The fires in the forge erupted with new heat, stopping the tiger in his tracks. Asura witnessed as the forge blazed to life, as something took shape inside the coals of the forge. As he looked inside, he saw a single hammer shape-- a larger one than the ones he tossed in, inscribed with strange markings. Slowly, he took out the new hammer-- as it was still glowing hot. With the tonges he now held it out, in a complete shape without needing a mold or anything. Asura looked at it with wide eyes, surprised by its formation.

"Well... I'll be damned," Vulcan said, his jaw open with surprise.

Asura put the hammer on the table, still cooling and red hot from the forge.

"Guess you were right, kid. Imagine that," Vulcan said with an amused purr.

"Yeah, stranger things have happened," Asura replied with the same sarcasm Vulcan had before. "Anyway, it may actually work. I just need that moon ore to try it out."

With the new hammer, Asura would be able to forge even stronger weapons and items. It was only a matter of time...

Thread End.

Crafted by fusing the former hammers.

+ Grand Master's Blacksmith Hammer +
x The starting hammer of all Novices. It can only help with crafting all basic metals even the ultimate Onmyoinium used for advance jewelry and items
+ Effect: Able to craft Onmyoinium based items and jewelry
+ Requirement: Create 35 Different Items + 5 Custom Recipes Approved.
+ Price: Special Means

Blueprints used:

+ Shuriken Recipe +
x Creates a basic shuriken, but with added ingots—it can be styled into a more waved or curved shape, even with more points for extra damage.
+ Material Cost: +X "____" Ingot (Max: 2)
+ Damage: "X" per Shuriken.
+ Amount: -1 Ingot = x10 Items
Materials used( 10 Spirium /2 = 30% Soul Gauge =Dmg per shuriken.
Total: 50 Shuriken.

A massively long, katana that requires both hands to wield properly. It can be customized to fit different people, but requires great strength to wield.
Type: Martial.
P. Effect:

Blue Print: (5 Ingot + 1 Optional Gem slots)
Materials: 1 Taiyouinium +4 PLatinum + Ruby.
+40 P effect & DMG: 100 & -60 HP (While in Inventory) + DMG +125% (x1.25) during (Day). + Katon DMG/Resistance +115% (x1.15)

(Custom) Outfit
>  A full body attire constructed to include both the top and bottom of the body. The combine method allows the whole attire to be made for the purpose of the wearer—from full body armor to stealthy suit made to evade detection.  
Placement: Fills Upper and Lower Body.
P. Effect: _____+ (1.15 p.effect increase)
Blue Print: (6 Ingot + 1 Gem Optional)
(Material used: 12 Ebony Ingots via workbench.
+4 P.Effect & Stealth Dice +1 X 12 = +48 & -12 to Stealth Dice roll. + 15% =  +55  & - 14 to Stealth Dice.

Created Items:
Items Created wrote:

+ Soul Shuriken + X 50
x A four- point shuriken created from the mysterious metals of the Naraka Cave. The Shuriken's strength is solely reflected by the thrower's soul, creating a powerful weapon if used.
Damage: DMG=30% Soul Gauge per Shuriken.  

A beautiful nodachi worthy of the greatest samurai. A long blade laced with the sacred metal Taiyouinium, which creates a golden-orange glow in the sunlight. The blade is described with a flame design. The base and handle is embedded with a ruby, to amplify the power of fire for its wielder. Requires a strong body and will to wield.  
Type: Martial.
P. Effect: + 40 STR & DMG +125% (x1.25) during (Day). & Katon DMG/Resistance +115% (x1.15)
Restrictions: Lower HP by 60 when in use.
Damage & Effect: 100

(Given to summon Taiyoumaru)

Shadow Tiger's Stripes
> A suit of shinobi garb that covers the wearer completely in black-- save for soft dark ash stripes that run along parts of the outfit to resemble a black tiger's stripes. The outfit is designed for espionage and stealth operations, and can be usually done with success.  
Placement: Fills Upper and Lower Body.
P. Effect: +55 Dex. & - 14 to Stealth Dice.

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The forging of night and day (Weapon Creation blacksmith)
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