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 A. Warfare Guide

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PostSubject: A. Warfare Guide   December 15th 2012, 19:01

Welcome to war wrote:
~ Warfare Guide ~
x Take control of the world and obtain the power of a king. Pull together countries in order to make a kingdom or rule for all.

+ Notice Challenge +
- Limit: 48 hrs to respond or Challenge is dropped.

~ War Battles ~

- Country Health = Offense
- Population of Country = Points to split into the "Countries" Offense and Defense.
- Turn Based Battles (Skills or Special Actions can be used.)
- Special Actions Gauge is determined by Country. (2 Turns = +1 Special Action Gauge) <- Cannot exceed max.

Special Action Gauge
- This allows special options to be selected, ie (Bijuu using Bijudama). The Gauge is based upon two major factors.
1. Village Type: Major = 2 | Minor = 1
2. Alliance: +1 SPG Per Country.

~ Types of Warfare ~

+ Territory Grabbing +
- This is for minor or less places like a park or small city. Defeat controller or known shinobi  of that force, Ie. (Fire Country controls Uchiha City Challenger faces against a Konoha Shinobi for control.) Usually a PvP

+ Shinobi Civil War +
- Minor Countries have this issue, to where population is split into halves causing a civil war in order for this to happen a minor country must have at least 2 Village Leaders of different views. Usually PvP or TvT

+ Shinobi World War +
- This must have at least the issue of 3 or more Major Countries. Battle is broken into factions. Members can join which ever faction, at the end players on the losing team will lose Ryou and 1 land they own. Usually a TvT

~ Benefits ~

+ Alliances +
> Teams can send in reinforcements in order to back up a country in need but they must have first a treaty. After which that country can spare at least 25% of their population to help. This also helps with giving an extra Special Action.

+ Underhand Dealing +
> Countries that have two allies but each ally does not like another, this causes the country to send 12% of their population to both sides of battle.

+ Locking / Unlocking +
> If a country is locked it cannot be entered unless sneaked into however this can be stopped IF stated by controller as to how and why. If a country is locked it can be unlocked by the controller allowing others to visit.

+ Standing Point +
> There is a coding, Friendly, Neutral, Enemies and Unknown. If a country is Friendly and Neutral they have open borders. If Enemies the borders are closed finally if unknown the country cannot be found or has not been found by any means.

~ Conclusions ~

+ Winning +
> One takes full control of the land and able to give leadership over to anyone within their Team or Organization. This can also be used for NPC or PC characters. {Includes Ex-Characters)
x Gains: Country + 500,000 Ryo (from leader of opposing force)

+ Losing +
> One loses land and at least 500,000 Ryo from pocket. Causing them to be banished from the land, or can be imprisoned by the new ruler.
x Gains: Lost of Country & -500,000 Ryo (controller of Country)
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A. Warfare Guide
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