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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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 + - Bingo Book Guideline - +

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PostSubject: + - Bingo Book Guideline - +   February 27th 2011, 17:00

< - The Bingo Book - >

< The book of criminal shinobi/kunoichi that have commit crimes fleeing their home village in order to stay alive in some cases. Though no matter what they will always be hunted depending on how badly the crime. Capture the criminal alive or dead and bring it to a broker's hideout to obtain money.

Finding a criminal is going to be the hard part before fighting them.

+ Study the Criminal +
- First study over the criminal that you are requesting to go after reading their case file in order to get a general idea of what the person did and used in order to commit the crime.

+ Locate Clues +
- Second locate the clues needed to hunt down the target, Clues needed are located on the file as well. For one clue, one must type at least 250 words. Giving more information and current whereabouts through a PM by the headquarters (GM).
[Clue 1 = 250 | Clue 2 = 400 | Clue 3 = 600 | Clue 4 = 850 | Clue 5 = 1150 < Words]

+ Battle a Bingo Book +
- Third fight the enemy be careful for when the battle starts the Player will face against a enemy that can do the same escape options like everyone else within the site so be careful of this.
Ranks A - S are controlled by Staff, Ranks D - B are controlled by Player. (Allows freedom to design target for an NPC.)

+ Treasure Bounty +
- They are new form of hunting for bounty. They search for rare and powerful artifacts that can only be either 1 of a kind or something that is extremely hard to come by. Once the request has been made and accept obtain the artifact and bring it to the location needed. After which obtain your reward for a good job well done.
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+ - Bingo Book Guideline - +
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