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 Wind Country - Hidden Sand Village and Sites

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PostSubject: Wind Country - Hidden Sand Village and Sites    March 16th 2013, 18:46

- Kaze no Kuni - (Land of Water) -
> One of the more prominent countries on the site. It is located to the south-west of Land of Fire and the borders the land of Rivers. The government leader is the Wind Damiyo. The vast realm this country is covered in mostly desert nothing more. Though this country has an extremely harsh environment, it has a mid-large population..
+ Country Data +
x. Prominent Clans: Sainou
x. Border Policy: Normal
x. Standing Point: Peaceful
x. Climate: Dry heat
x. Population: ??,000

+ Government +
x. Damiyo: Nagai Taro
x. Village Leader: Sainou Teruo (Shodaime - Kazekage)
x. Advisers: Kiyabu Junko
x. Alliances: Shinobi Union
x. Military Strength (SPAG): 2 (+5 During War)
+ Resting Lounge +
x. Hospital + Price:
Open + Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Fully Restore HP, Chakra, Stamina)
x. Inns + Price:
Open + 50% Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Restore 50% HP, Chakra, Stamina)

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: ---
v South of: ---
> East of: River Country
< West of: Otsutsuki Island
+ Hazards +
Blood Ronin Squads
Bandits & Thieves
+ Notable Sights +
Village Hidden in the Sand: Suna - Effect: -15% to Resting Lounge for Suna Shinobi
Owner: Daimyo
The village is hidden within a canyon which protects the village and its people from attacks greatly. There is only two ways into the village either airborne or by the main entrance. Both are heavily guarded for incoming attacks by anyone or anything.
Suna Administration Building - Effect: n/a
Owner: ?
Shaped like a pot the Kazekage is housed inside keeping watching over his/her people while having the meeting of how important the safety of the village is. The best place to meet the Kazekage is to head to here. Sometimes the Kazekage can be seen at the top of the building gazing at the sky.
Suna Greenhouse - Effect: Medicines gain 15% Boost (x1.15) (Kazekage Approval)
Owner: Daimyo
The village grows very rare herbs even with its dry weather. Its best to discover what can be created through the studies but be sure to gain access from the Kazekage before just running into trouble.
Suna Entrance - Effect: n/a
Owner: Damiyo
Guarding this entrance are always two guards that are both Jounin ranked shinobi. The same goes for those at the top as well. Its best to not start any issues when coming to Suna as long as they are peaceful nothing will happen.
Roran Ruin - Effect: Unlock Trip to the Past Quest
Owner: ?
The ruins of the Roran Kingdom is here, however a strange humming noise can be heard from the outside if one travels deep underground to the source. They can locate a strange formula on the ground holding something powerful under its control. If one touches this they are thrown backwards years to when the kingdom existed peacefully.
Shukaku Land - Effect: Shukaku + Shukaku's Jinchuriki fully restore HP, when resting 1 night.
Owner: Uchiha Hayabusa + Shukaku
The desert is said to be the land of Shukaku, the raccoon dog bijuu. But little is known about this part of the desert as anyone that enters it will never be seen again.
Wind Tunnels - Effect: 50 Words = -20 HP (Effects in Missions and Quests also)
Owner: ?
The village has a lot of errands to be ran, complete them to earn ryo for the future of the shinobi world. Just do not get greedy because of kindness.
Fuijin Tower - Effect: 50 Words = -25HP (Effects in Missions and Quests also)
Owner: ?
The tower connects itself to the sky, one says the God of Wind lives at the top others believes nothing but treasure lays rest at the top. If one can reach the top they will see for themselves what is truly at the top. But can one survive as one enters having trouble breathing.
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Wind Country - Hidden Sand Village and Sites
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