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 ~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}

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PostSubject: ~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}   March 20th 2013, 16:12

Upon awakening, with a slight strain on his chakra, Hayabusa sat up slightly. It was still dark. The sun had not yet dawned on the Sand Village. He yawned and stretched, as he stood up and slowly walked outside of the room. For a kid his age, this was about three hours too early to be awake. He scuffled outside, not caring much.
“You should hurry, little brother…” he heard, as he jumped up in shock. He turned to see Hayate there, fully dressed in medical clothing. “Sun up is minutes away.”
“I don’t care… what’s the worst that will happen?” he ask as he turned away. Hayate shrugged his shoulders.
“Ok, little brother… the choice is yours…” he said as he walked past him, rubbing his hair and walking out the door. As much as Hayabusa hated to admit it, Hayabusa idolized his brother. He had no idea he got up this early. Kasumi usually wakes up the same time he does. He went to the kitchen and ate himself a breakfast, slowly. He took his time to get dressed and do his hair. His mother sat on the couch folding clothes. She shook her head as Hayabusa prepared to leave.
“Hmm?” he turned to her.
“I love you… and good luck… you’ll need it. Stay strong, baby.” She said. He coked his head sideways. He shrugged and left. ‘What was that about?’ he asked himself in his head. The sun beamed on half te city already. He strolled to Genshin’s dojo. Hayabusa opened the door. As he closed the door, he turned to see a wooden figure with sharp teeth and wild hair. It looked like a monster with 6 arms. It’s torso rotated, smacking Hayabusa multiple times. He fell back before hitting another one that opened its torso, trapping him in.
“What the hell…” Hayabusa began hitting the sides of the torso. “LET ME OUT! WHAT IS THIS!” he yelled.
“I told you before the sun comes up…” he heard the voice of Genshin yelled. From one of the little slots of the torso, a blade came through, coming close to penetrating Hayabusa’s arm.
“Wh… WAIT! I’m SORRY!”
“I’m sure you are… you disrespectful little brat. How dare you enter my home with knocking…” Another came through another slot, slashing Hayabusa’s arm slightly.
“ADDRESS PROPERLY!” one more came through. This one slashed his leg pretty deep.
“And?” he said as another one began to slow enter a slot that pressed up against Hayabusa’s back.
“I will obey!” He yelled. The blades pulled out. The torso opened and dropped Hayabusa violently on the ground. Hayabusa struggled to stand up. “I will obey… I will learn respect… I will be punctual… Sensei…” he said, as he fought to bow gracefully.
“Hmmm… “ he looked down on Hayabusa, placing his hand on his head. Behind him were three beings… puppets… all in control of Genshin. He put his hand on Hayabusa’s head, right after Hayabusa flinched. “I’m sure you will, boy.” He said. He turned and walked to the kitchen, summoning Hayabusa to come with him, handing him some water. Hayabusa drank.
“Now…” Genshin said. “You will learn puppetry MY way…” He told Hayabusa. For the first year, we will define your respect, you mannerism… how to be a man of strength in this world. The earlier, the better. By next year, you will have a job as a bodyguard. And by the year after, you will have the skills to be an assassin. Then, and only then, will we embark on your puppetry training, after your chakra level and control has been increased. I am, after all, the greatest puppeteer and leader of our clan. Is this understood?” he asked. Hayabusa nodded. “Very well… that is it for the day. You have a good foundation. From now on… we respect for respects’ sake, not out of fear. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir…” Hayabusa said, slightly bowing. And just like that, a boy of dishonor shifts into a man of respect…
[679 Words][+ 102 EXP]
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[Trained Kekkei Genkai][+ D10 Roll][- 4 Training Cost][+ 4HP Marker][-20 HP][+ 5 EXP]
[RESTING][No more posts for the day][- 5 HP Markers]

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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}   March 20th 2013, 16:13

Rolling for Kekkei Genkei and Stats
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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}   March 20th 2013, 16:13

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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}   

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~ The Begginings of the Red Eyed Shadow ~[Part 3]{Hayabusa}
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