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 ~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}

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PostSubject: ~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}   March 22nd 2013, 09:39

The following day, after Hayabusa had spent the night in the hospital due to short staff and his brother suggested he stayed because it was too late for him to go home alone, Hayabusa had woken in a hospital bed after being treated like a prince by the elders. He had been going around practicing his respect on those most judgmental of the sort. Old people.
As he stretched and yawned, he realized he did not wake on his own, but it had been his brother tugging at him.
“Hayabusa…” he said in a groan.
“It’s time to go home…” Hayate said, rubbing his eyes. Hayabusa rubbed his eyes as well.
“What time is it?” Hayabusa asked.
“Almost sun up… and I’m ti…”
“SUN UP!??!” Hayabusa flung out of bed and straightened his hair. He washed his important areas and face as quick as possible. Thanks to the hospital, he had felt fully revived. He should spend more time here after training.
“HEY! YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE ROOM!” Hayate yelled as Hayabusa began to run off.
“YOU HAVE MY WORD!” Hayabusa yelled before leaving the hospital.

Entering the Dojo of Genshin, after knowing of course, he had made it at the same time as the sun peered over the horizon.
“Enter…” the voice of Genshin said. Hayabusa did so.
“Sensei…” he slightly bowed. “I apologize on lateness.”
“You are forgiven… I see you have improved your respect. I hope that isn’t for fear…” he said. Hayabusa shook his head.
“Sensei… I’ve been in the hospital all night practicing my respectfulness and mannerisms to the elders.”
“Hmmm… very well. You just have to work on strict punctuality.” He said. “All of these will make you into a better man, thus, a better shinobi…” he said. He sat down in the dojo lounge in the middle of the floor. Hayabusa kneeled before him.
“Today… let us work on your control of chakra.” Hayabusa nodded and stood up, as he began his one on one training with his Sensei.

:::::::TWO YEARS LATER:::::::::
The boy had been one year off of being allowed to be an official Genin. At this point in his training, he had basic fighting skills and chakra control, but not enough to be fluent in jutsu. However, this allowed him to work on his hand to hand combat and better at modeling and remodeling strategies to fight the enemy, with his high intelligence level that he has been using to it’s max potential every since his sister, Kasumi, did what Hayabusa should have. She became the first student in the era to gain a perfect score. He lacked what she had two years ago. Motivation, respect, honor, and common sense. She filled in the failures that Hayabusa created. He did not know whether to be jealous, or proud, but either or, this made him a better shinobi.
His first order of business, because he could not yet perform missions, he needed to begin making money. Genshin did as promised, putting him into an organization of collective skillful shinobi that performed various projects. Mainly these were Assassinations and Protection services, but the Assassination services were harder to get into. Strict rules applied to those. Kill only your target and the less injured the better.
He began to make a name for himself here because he was the youngest in Muramusa’s club. Muramusa owned and dispersed the company. He also been the man who trained both Sensei Genshin and Hayabusa’s mother. He had the utmost respect for him, and took whatever job.
Hayabusa’s first job had been a co-op job that had been observed from a distance. He had to protect the daughter of the governor. Genshin watched from the distance with his puppets ready, but the first time around, Hayabusa ran into no troubles.
The second time, however, Hayabusa ran two thugs who wanted the little girl to charge the governor a ransom. Hayabusa made light work of them… they were untrained and poor. Without the use of weapons or jutsu of any kind, the moment they stopped them in the street, Hayabusa pretended to be afraid, waited for them to get close enough, before hitting both men in their groins. For a child of twelve, still under the age of consent, this was not deemed unfair. Just tactical for one who seems to be a mere child.
::::::::::ONE YEAR LATER::::::::::::
Eventually, he increases his skill. And eventually, his usual job had been the same girl, Kokoro. They became good friends. Hayabusa became so skilled that Muramasa himself vouched for the young man when it came to Genshin needing to go away on a mission but Kokoro needed to be protected. Since that moment, all of Hayabusa’s bodyguard missions have been done alone. And he enjoyed the time with Kokoro. But, it came to the day that she and her father moved mysteriously out of town. He never had a chance to say goodbye. It could’ve been better, however, this further pushed Muramasa and Genshin to bring Hayabusa on his first assassination mission. It was a simple contract. Hayabusa had yet to kill anybody. But, he would sure do so. But, they started out small. Genshin and, surprisingly, his younger sister had been sent on this one. The culprit had been a man that owed a lot of money to the organization and planned to flee that night.
That night, as he came out the bank, counting his money, Kasumi acted as decoy, taking his money and running.
“HEY! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!” he exclained, as he chased her into an ally. Waiting for him was Genshin. She handed him the money and he pocketed it. “Gen… Genshin. I wa… was just coming to bring you guys the money…”
“Is that so?”
“Of course… here… I… I have the rest.” He reached in his side pouch and pulled out a short edged blade and put it to Genshin’s throat. “I’M GETTING OUT OF HEAR, YOU HEAR ME!?!”
“How do you feel.. being the first kill of a twelve year old?” Genshin said.
“WHAT? THAT PUNY THING BEHIND YOU?! She’s just a little bit… ARGH!” A piercing went through his chest, missing his heart by just a few inches. Hayabusa came from behind him, looking him in the eyes. “You… you’re just a kid…” Hayabusa took the short edge out of his hand. Genshin put his hand on Hayabusa’s shoulder.
“He deserves mercy…”
“Yes…. Yes I do!”
“Do it quick…” Genshin said.
“Wait… WHAT!?” as he yelled, Hayabusa stabbed him in the heart, point blank. He stared the man in his eyes as he drifted away into the cold nothing, from tense to slumped.
“Next time…” Genshin said. “Discreet as possible and quick as possible. This is the only exception, for this was your first kill. Understood?”
“Yes, Sensei…” Hayabusa said, staring into the face, and not forgetting, the man he killed here today…
“Now rest up… tomorrow if your birthday… a big day for you. You may be an official Genin if all goes well. I’ll clean up here.”
“Yes, Sensei…” Hayabusa said, as he and his sister went home to rest for the following day.
[1230 Words][+185 Exp]
[Hospital Visit][18 HP Markers removed][- 216 Ryo]
[CHAKRA CONTROL Trained][+ D10 Roll][- 4 Training Cost][+ 4 HP Marker][+ 5 Exp]
[Body Guard Work][ + 275 Ryo]
[Assassin Work][+ 375 Ryo]
[INT, END x 2 Trained][+ 3 D10 Rolls][-3 Training Cost][+ 3 HP Markers][+ 15 Exp][+ 2 Quick Learner per]
[RESTING][- 1 HP Marker]
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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}   March 22nd 2013, 09:43

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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}   March 22nd 2013, 09:43

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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}   

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~ The Beginning of the Red Eyed Shadow ~ [Part 5]{Hayabusa}
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