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 ~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}

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PostSubject: ~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}   March 24th 2013, 22:07

Pleased, Hayabusa had managed to get his hands on 20 head bands and filed all the paperwork, while Kasumi went and took the little bit of money she had to grab food and things to harvest. Most of what she had were canned goods and cheap but fill able things, but it was gourmet compared to how they were living. When he had been finished and they had all been approved, Hayabusa went out to find Kasumi.
“Hayabusa!” someone yelled. It was the voice of his sister. He turned and looked at her. She had many bags. “Can you believe it!?!? FOOD! I managed to make some quick easy money and bought all of this WITH SOME left over.” She said. Hayabusa grabbed most of the bags as they continued walking out of the village.
“Can I…” he began.
“I told you so.” When they made it outside of the gates, Kasumi looked at the map. Hayabusa put the bags down and took the map. He was very good with directions. “Ok… I’ll take this… and the food.” Hayabusa took medicine and a little chakra booster to heal Hayate almost instantaneously. He handed it to Kasumi. “Go back to camp, clean up, gather up, pick up my chakra and follow it.” He said. He took the bags and she nodded, jumping into the trees. He began walking to the destination.
It was not far off at all. It was perhaps a 10 minute jog from the gates. His was ideal. He feared for the worse though. But the worse was not what he got. The cottage was a pretty big home, about 3 floors. It had a few messed up shingles, but it was a square foundation. The door was unlocked. Luckily, Kasumi had bought a new kit for locking the house. He looked around and their were pieces of furniture that seems antique. It was grand… a grand dining room with a table that had a few broken chairs around it. Hayabusa dropped the bags, and turned the lights on. He went to the kitchen, which hand a large fridge and a lot of cabinets. He plugged in the fridge and it began to start up instantly. Hayabusa put all that could spoil within it. He tested the oven and microwave and stove… it all worked. Hayabusa bent over the counter as if he was about to cry.
He turned the faucet to the sink on, and at first, rusty water came out, but then, water came out from a well. Hayabusa would simply need to clean the well and get a water filter.
He toured the house, took out pieces of paper, and taped them to doors. There were at least 5 bed rooms. Somewhat small in size, they could easily fit the twenty they were used to. Each room had four people. Hayabusa would sleep with Kasumi, Hayate, and Eliot. Later, as they stay longer, they could perhaps add on.
After setting rooms, Hayabusa went downstairs and just stood for a minute. He smiled at looking at the house. It was a mess, but it was heavenly to them.
“Lord Hokage… I owe him my life…” he said to himself. He grabbed a broom, opened all windows, letting the sun shine through, and windows. He sighed a sigh of relieve. He let the door open and began cleaning.
About an hour in of cleaning, Hayabusa could hear the community from afar. There were yells of cheerfulness and joy from the few kids of the community. He smiled. He walked to the door to see them approaching up the hill. He waved. He smiled as he saw Hayate had been walking and smiling, all on his own. He walked down and met them. The kids jumped around Hayabusa.
“We have a house, we have a house!” the sang. Hayabusa looked at Hayate, and Hayate back at Hayabusa. All Hayate could do was smile and hug his younger brother.
“Thank you, Hayabusa…”
“Don’t sweat it…” he said. Hayate let go and walked past Hayabusa to the house. Genshin came next and put his hand on his shoulder.
“You did good, son… your mom would be proud of the leader you are becoming…” he said. He walked behind Hayate. This lifted Hayabusa’s spirits somehow.
“HAYABUSA, HAYABUSA! CAN WE GO IN YOUR HOUSE!?” one of the kids yelled. Hayabusa crouched low.
“This is OUR house now…” he said. “Let’s go…” he said. They all yelled in joy. “NOW YOUR NAMES ARE ON YOUR ROOMS! FIND THEM AND SETTLE YOUSELF A SPOT!” He yelled to the kids. He looked to the remaining people. “Ok guys… take about an hour break… Kasumi… you and Nora prepare a meal. When you guys are ready, we have crops to be planted and harvested, we could use some fish out of the nearby lake, and we have materials for the fishing poles. There is plenty to do to have this house in tip top. We are all Konoha ninja as of now. We are able to go in as we please, shop, missions, work, socialize. Your head bands and papers are in the house. Curfew for under 17 is at 8, unless you are with the adults. Otherwise, hold your own weight, and let’s work as we have been doing. DO NOT do anything wrong, because I will take full responsibility for it.” He said. He turned, before one said his name and he turned back around. Out of respect, every one of them bowed to him in the longest bow possible, as if he were their master. He slightly bowed back. “Now come… let’s enjoy our new home…” he said. To a new life, they would feast on actual produce tonight…
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PostSubject: Re: ~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}   March 25th 2013, 18:35

Rolling for stats
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PostSubject: Re: ~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}   March 25th 2013, 18:35

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}   

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~ Fresh Start In Konoha ~ {Hayabusa}
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