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 .:: Episode 4 ::. Struggles of a Genin

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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: .:: Episode 4 ::. Struggles of a Genin   March 28th 2013, 08:09

Without hesitation his body leaped over to the side avoiding the three shuriken thrown directly at him. His landing was bad but he managed to make it into a safe shelter. Yukimura was now starting to have doubts about becoming a Genin though he was very intrigued at the same time. The man who had called him a failure had done it so why couldn’t he? Regardless doubts were looming through his head. This first doubt had come from the mission desk.
“You can’t do anymore missions. You have completed fourteen already and you’re not a Genin. Until you become a Genin you are banned.” The man with the long moustache said. It was indeed annoying but he decided he would go through with the man’s requirements. When he received the mission requirements he was in shock.
“Defeat, The Genin?” He asked looking at the Genin examiner. She had been busy signing and filling out forms and his question wouldn’t deter her from it at all. But she did have the decency to answer it.
“I’m an Academy student. And you want me to go against three Genin?” He asked with a slight tone of anger. She caught and stopped filling out her forms looking him in his eyes.
“Is there a problem, Sanada ‘Senju’?” She asked with a tone of authority. It was obvious the Sarutobi man said something about it. He said nothing as he held his own together. As he walked out the room the woman stopped him.
“Since you are one of the great Senju, You’re going to have to defeat a Jounin as well.” She said almost seemingly angered by his audacity that he called himself a Senju.
And now here he sat behind a tree waiting for the next move of his four opponents. They had the respect to fight all one by one and one by one he waited for them to make a move. Immediately one came at him a boy younger than him, 15 or 14 with long silver and grey hair. He held two blades in his hands and lunged the first at him.
He evaded the first by launching his body up warded. He landed on the blade that was now safely in the tree that would do him no harm. He then turned and kicked the boy coming back. After that he pushed his right leg on the tree launching him forward while grabbing the sword. Immediately he began an onslaught of bladed attacks. The Genin was indeed skilled in kenjutsu no doubt because he was fairly eased at blocking most of the attacks. When the time was right, Yukimura dropped to the ground and made a sweeping motion at the feet of the Genin. He fell and tried to get back up but it was no use. Yukimura had placed a sword to his chest.
“You’re headband” Yukimura said as he took it from him. Just as he did he used the newly acquired blade and cut through symbol on it. He added it to the previous headband he had already obtained.
“One More, then Him.” He said to himself quietly.

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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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PostSubject: Re: .:: Episode 4 ::. Struggles of a Genin   March 28th 2013, 08:58

He walked at into a larger space. The forest was huge but to crowded for him at the moment. He didn’t know how to maneuver up and about through it. He clenched the hilt of the blade tightly. Besides the shuriken and kunai knives that were given to him by the Jounin instructor. He felt the pouch on his back and released a breath of air.
“It’s still there” He said silently to himself. He looked up and in front of him was the third and final Genin of the trio. He was about his age and he honestly didn’t really look like a Genin. His head band was cuffed around his neck almost purposely to intimidate people by allowing them to see the scar across his forehead. His eyes were pure white that matched his long black hair. He was a Hyuuga. There was no sign of a tattoo but that didn’t mean it was hidden. Somewhere someone told him about the main branch and the lower branch.
“Sanada ‘Senju’ Yukimura.” The boy said inching closer to him. He held no weapon in his hand. Yukimura still didn’t let his guard down towards him.
“That’s me and you are?” Yukimura asked giving him the same attitude he had towards him. He raised an eyebrow still walking closer to him.
“I am Hyuuga….My first name is of no concern to you.” He said. Yukimura said nothing. It was strange, the entire him was calling him by his new full name. And each time they said Senju the put an accent or emphasis on it as if making fun of him for even thinking of being considered a Senju.
“Well then ‘Senju” – There it was again the emphasis on Senju. Yukimura looked up now beginning to get frustrated then he stopped. Immediately he fell to his knees with his head to his hands. A pain spiked through his head. He had felt this pain before. Right before he told the man his true name.
Again he sat in some mysterious place. He looked at his body it translated as a lot smaller than his current body in the present. This was obviously a flashback. He wondered why there were never any colors in his Flash Black.
“Senju Yukimura, Don’t ever forget… Your mother loved you.”
He didn’t know why he didn’t notice it before. The surrounding. Everything around him was burning. He looked at the man in front of him lying in a pool of his own blood.
“Dad” His mouth said on its own accord.
Then again he woke up on the battlefield. A new memory of a dying father. It was something he needed to investigate. Little did he know, there would be a lot more answers sooner than he expected. Though a tough advisory the Hyuuga was beaten and his headband was added to the collection of the others.
He fell to the ground one knee supporting him and began breathing heavily.
“Just one more” He said to himself.
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.:: Episode 4 ::. Struggles of a Genin
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