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 System ideas!

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PostSubject: System ideas!   March 28th 2013, 21:16

Hello everyone... So I have a few ideas I would like to share with about the system of this site. Okay here's the thing... I'm an role playing storyteller, meaning I like to right big post and also mingle with others abroad. And looking at the system here I feel like its made to limit training so much and at the same time breaks the ties of actual rp among characters because everyone is so focused on being the strongest.

So here is a proposal to limit this dice rolling, what if when you leveled up you gained a set amount of stats to health, speed, strength, agility, endurance, and intel. While ability points earned can be used to help train CC, kekkei, jin, and other advanced stats. This is a rough idea and I know it needs to be refined but come on people... Would you rather put your hard earned training in the hands of a dice that may not give you anything? Or see the fruits of your effort somewhat by having a certain for leveling up?

I know what I want how about you?

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PostSubject: Re: System ideas!   March 29th 2013, 12:58

Its truly a wonderful thing for everyone to share their ideas, but even so with that thought, there are more issues with that system as well. As it was previous system that was used on here and I removed it because of that fact it can simply be used but also cause small issues.

1. Even gaining the points they you'd limit a player by what they can place into that area, most will focus on one or two stats that could over power their system. Which then you'd have to limit the stat growth, [Ie. 1 stat cannot be x2 of another.]

2. The system that is used is known as "Life" System for it is just like how one lives, everyone on earth do not have the same body, thus training results will become different. As well we have a limit of training because we are human beings so we have a limit of time of training.

The only anime even do not show someone by passing through life training every hour every second, only a "saiyan" can do so.

3. Luck is a large part of life as well, even so using a system like that people will only rp to the point of what they need to in order to level up. This is a way for you to explore and expand yourself, not worrying about rolls not even worrying about EXP. If a player works for only getting stronger then that's what they want to do.

Has Heise said, taking away the hard work or word count changes everything. Yes because for one new generation and old generation dislike change, as you can train and roll for a post of 500 words, you'd only get 100 EXP where as someone that types and trains with 1,000 words would gain 500 EXP but also by leveling they'd get closer to gaining a level to use their pts to unlock their skills.

"You have good or bad days." Not everyday should be a good day for players, nor should they know what the rewards they gain. It should show some sort of unexpected turn out. Thus this system was designed.

As well as changing the EXP system would have you needing over 100k to even level up after level 20. So if you look over this, I've studied over the systems quiet well, and found each problem thats why this is a beta for Life System.

Remember, life = not all days will be good.
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System ideas!
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