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+ - Return of Jidai (Season 2) - +
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 Asakura Clan [Custom Clan: Grave Breaker]

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PostSubject: Asakura Clan [Custom Clan: Grave Breaker]   April 3rd 2013, 10:00

Quote :
< - Asakura Clan  - >

~ The spiritual clan that is strongly known for being priest and priestess at very young age. Within the lightning country they stay on the outskirts away from the Kumo. They clan is broken into three branches, the Royal, Loyal and Kenbi Branch. Royal is the way of the priest/priestess. Loyal is the guardian and protectors. Finally Kenbi, which is the knowledge of both but they seem to only bring in a select few.

( - Clan Hierarchy - )

x Clan Elders (Advisor): Asakura Yenomei
x Clan Leader: Asakura Hao
x Clan Second in Command: Asakura Aya

{ - Clan Branches - }

( - Royal Branch: Asakura - )
+ Birth into the higher family they have within their possession the rich power of Spiritual energy. Because of it being so high at birth one is able to do more than what others can at start. But they are limited with knowledge in order to keep them from going mad with power.
< Branch Head: Asakura Yenomei
< Effect: (Nexus) Attribute INT x1.15 at Birth & Able to learn "Ucchusma"
< Slots: [3/3]
< Restrictions: Must be born in Kumo Country

( - Loyal Branch: Asakura - )
+ Birth into the loyal family they have brute strength in order to protect those from dark spirits and continue to master fighting styles in order to do battle. They seem to be weaken in some knowledge but make up for it with their own powers. They are kept to themselves for reasons unknown.
< Branch Head: Asakura Hao
< Effect: (Nexus) Attribute STR x1.15 at Birth & Able to learn "Hayagriva"
< Slots: - - -
< Restrictions: Must be born in Kumo Country

( - Kenbi Branch: Asakura - )
+ Birth by the clan members only a few are lucky as they are then taught the powers of a female’s wrath. In this case a powerful technique that helps show that wrath in the form of powerful king.
< Branch Head: Asakura Aya
< Effect: Able to learn "Acala"
< Slots: [3/4] [Asakura Grave]
< Restriction: Must be born in Kumo Country

+ - Clan Abilities - +

( - Reinou: Spiritual Ability - )
+ One is able to unlock the powers of spiritual energy for combat.
< Type: Passive
< Effect: Create & Unlock Mukeijutsu
< Price: During Creation

( - Kaigen: Spiritual Awakening - )
+ Allow the pressure of one's spiritual energy to rise well beyond normal means.
< Type: Inactive
< Effect: Spiritual En x2 (during battle)
< Limit: 1 Turn
< Price: 750 AP

( - Reikanji: Spiritual Sense: Lv ? [Max: ?] - )
+ Feel the presence of anything that gives off a large amount of spiritual energy. Yet anything that bypasses the limit cannot be sensed.
< Type: Passive
< Effect: Sense Spiritual Energy [Max Cap: 6,000]
< Level Up: Chakra Sense Lv
< Price:  1250 AP + Trade Chakra Sense

( - Goei Reinou: Royal Spiritual Ability - )
+ One is able to unlock the powers of spiritual energy for combat, but further it to a newer form.
< Type: Passive
< Effect: Create & Unlock Mukeijutsu + GoeiMukeijutsu
< Price: 1500 AP + Trade in Reinou + Calm Mind [/spoiler]

{ - Clan Doujutsu: Godougan - }

< - Godougan – Enlightenment  Eye - -
+ Reacting to the blood within an Asakura, with deep meditation and control over one's elements. By understanding the elements of "Taoism" one is able to unlock the hidden powers of nature. The eye's pupil will twist becoming a star within the iris of the eye.  Showing the pentagram the eyes now view the world within different focus.
< Requirement & Restrictions: 100% Chakra Control+ Five Elements (100%) + Asakura Blood + 2,500 Words (Meditation of Enlightenment)

”Godougan Form | Abilities”:

{ - Clan Techniques - }



~ Wisdom King Techniques (Mukeijutsu) ~

Goei Mukeijutsu:
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Asakura Clan [Custom Clan: Grave Breaker]
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