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 .:: Genin Exam ::.

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PostSubject: .:: Genin Exam ::.   April 15th 2013, 15:14

By now Yukimura had grown a whole lot stronger than before. In fact he was twice as strong since the time he had faced Hayabusa. He was now more able to control his chakra more and able to perform Jutsu as well. All of his training before had led to this moment in time, The Genin Exam. It was a surprise as to why he wasn’t a real Genin by now seeing as how he was quite stronger than most other people but regardless he was here and ready. In front of him stood a team of three Genin and a single Jounin. The Jounin took a giant scroll and laid it over the ground in front of Yukimura.

The scroll consisted of sealed weapons. All he had to do was directly apply the chakra to the scroll where the seal was and the weapons would appear. Yukimura rolled up the scroll bowed and placed the scroll on his back. Yukimura posed himself as he began to listen to the instructions of his proctor.

“Yukimura ‘Senju’ Sanada,” Yukimura heard him emphasize the Senju as if making fun of him, “This test is to truly see if you are fit to become a Ninja. Though You may be good how you do in this test will affect your future.” Yukimura nodded in agreement with what the Jounin said.
“You will face these three first then you will fight me afterwards.” Again Yukimura nodded. He closed his eyes and began to concentrate.
“BEGIN!” The Man Yelled.

Instantly Yukimura jumped back and reached into his pouch. He realized he hadn’t summoned anything yet and swore beneath his breath. The first Genin ran at him almost immediately. Yukimura landed on the ground and watched as the Genin began to perform a set of complex hand formations then he held his hand to his mouth. Instantly Yukimura recognized the jutsu.
“Remember the training.” A voice in his head told him. And it was then he did. Just as the fire came from the Genin with the black hair’s mouth Yukimura sent chakra to his feet. He remembered that if he poured a lot of chakra into his feet he would get that burst affect which was just what he wanted. His body lifted into the air at incredible speeds (though not as fast as he wanted due to his weights). Yukimura, In midair, began performing his own hand seals. Once he landed on the ground he slammed his palm on the ground and instantly water began to rush in a violent wave at the Genin. The Genin overwhelmed and surprised fell to the ground and was defeated by the wave. Yukimura walked over to the Genin and removed his headband.

“A token for my defeat over you.” He said. The Genin said nothing and laid in shame of himself. Yukimura’s attention reverted to the two other Genin who stood laughing at their comrade. These two were different and were much noticeably stronger. The on the left with the white hair and white eyes looked stronger than the one of the right with the pure yellow eyes. Yukimura took the scroll and rolled it out. He placed his left palm on the symbol that said Kunai and his right hand on the symbol that said Katana.

Yukimura had some training with the Katana from the Mission he and Hayabusa attempted and did great on. The one on the left with the White Eyes was the first to speak.
“My Kin is the strongest of all the village. Some wanna be Senju won’t take that away from us.” Yukimura said nothing and only observed as he place the Kunai in his pouch and rolled up the scroll. He stabbed the sword in the ground and began to prepare by forming a hand seal. The One on the right instantly disappeared. Yukimura’s reaction was almost late once the yellow eyed one appeared in front of him. He grabbed his sword and parried the man’s own bladed attack.
“Senju Scum.” The Man said throwing a Kunai at the ground. Yukimura looked down and noticed the burning tag.
“SHI-“ Yukimura’s sentence was cut off by the loud explosion from the Explosive tag that was attached to the Kunai. From the Smoke Yukimura appeared. It was only the training that had saved him the first time and now here it was saving him again. As he looked up in front of him appeared the white haired man.
“Hyuuga style”
Instantly Yukimura felt an urgency. Spinning at incredible speeds Yukimura slowed down and brought his left leg screaming.
“Leaf Hurricane.” The Hyuuga was then hit and sent flying in the opposite direction. Yukimura had ruff landing but he was alright. He began breathing heavily struggling for respiration.
“Okay Hyuuga. Do you yield.” Instantly behind him the Yellow eyed one appeared. Yukimura ducked instinctively and then did a sweeping motion at the Yellow eyed one’s feet.
“LEAF VIOLENT WIND!” He yelled aloud. Instantly the Yellow one fell and Yukimura pointed the blade at the Yellow before he could get up. Yukimura shook his head.
“Don’t get up. It’s not worth it.” Realizing he had been the yellow Haired one surrendered his headband to Yukimura. Yukimura smiled and then directed his attention to the Hyuuga who was now facing him.

“Damn Senju You’re not even a real Senju.” He yelled aloud. Yukimura chuckled and turned to him. He knew he was a real Senju and that was all that mattered. Yukimura grabbed the sword and ran at him. The white eyed one laughed and stated something that made Yukimura chuckle.
“You’re not fast enough to get past my defense.” Yukimura laughed and just as he was in front of the Hyuuga he disappeared. He then reappeared behind him and cut his back with the blade. Yukimura smiled as the Genin fell to the ground.

“Quit your bitching it’s only a flesh wound.” Yukimura stated as he took his headband and added it to the collection. Yukimura counted three and then turned around to face the Jounin who had just appeared a silently as he left. Yukimura knew he would have to go all out for this one. He had little chakra left and this was Jounin he was facing. He launched his body backwards away from the Jounin. He then took of his weights and stretched his body a bit.

“A few pounds of weights won’t do anything for you Senju.” The Jounin said. Yukimura said nothing and closed his eyes. His chakra traveled through his brain and silently he said to himself ‘release’. Instantly a surge of relaxation came upon him. A sense of control filled him, and determination consumed him. From the spot where he stood Yukimura’s body launched into the sky at blazing fast speeds. He began spinning at incredible speeds then bringing his right fist crashing down. The Man jumped back just in time but The pressure from the attack through his balance off. Yukimura then launch at him again throwing a series of punches and kicks. The man blocked most of them but the few that got through were brutal to him. He launched himself back breathing heavily already tired.

“Your speed is incredible.” He said. Yukimura was tired of hearing him talk he needed to finish this as quickly as possible. He placed his hands together and began forming a string of hand seals. He slammed his hand on the ground and the man jumped into the air avoiding the wave of water. When he looked up Yukimura was there in the air with him.
“You’re right where I want you.” He said. He drew his fist back and yelled allowed.
“Leaf Thunder Fist.” He slammed his fist into the gut of the man sending him flying back. Once the landed Yukimura fell to the ground and panted heavily. He was quite honestly drained. The man in front of him disappeared and Yukimura was quite shocked. All that work for a clone he defeated. A clapping sound came from the right where the real man was standing. Angered Yukimura held his tongue.

“With that power you might actually be Senju. No Genin is that fast at all.” He said with a smile. He took his headband off and handed it to Yukimura. Yukimura accepted it and tied it around his arm. He was about to move when his body fell over. He was extremely exhausted. The man smiled and said, “You stay here and rest. I’ll go report to your presiding officers that you past the test.”

Immediately the man disappeared and Yukimura was left there lying alone. His mind drifted here and there till finally he fell asleep. While he slept he had a dream of his past that would later shed some light on the present.
Once he awoke his body was in good condition as if nothing had ever happen. He stood up and smiled in approvement.
“I’m finally A genin.” Yukimura said to himself.

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.:: Genin Exam ::.
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