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 System Review

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PostSubject: System Review   April 18th 2013, 14:50


Thank you for joining the NJR Beta Version. We are getting ready to have advertisement begin for the site. As you all know its about that time to have new members. Now new villages still will not be opened until we hit a certain amount of Members. So until that time please understand that Villages will remained unlocked until each has at least 3 teams within it. So be aware of this that would mean a Beginner Village will have 12 members in it.

So once all three have 12 members or more a village will unlock and so on and so forth. Thank you again and this Sunday an update will be coming out to have the site be straighten up allowing an easier to guide site and getting information to what you all want to know of and the FAQ will be unlocked as well as the old one has been trashed.
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System Review
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