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 Grey Blaze 017 : Phoenix Death 7

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PostSubject: Grey Blaze 017 : Phoenix Death 7   April 26th 2013, 09:28

Nagakoto jumped out of his bed and began screaming. He hit the cold tiled floor hard on his back. “What the… what was all that?” Nagakoto then began to notice that his eyesight had changed. To his surprise he was able to see the heat signatures of objects. He was always gifted with X-Ray vision. “What is all this? Am I still dreaming?” slowly his vision began to fade back to normal. Nagakoto was relieved that his eyesight returned to normal. He then began to check his skin. Just a few minutes ago it was melting off his bones. “Wow, what a weird and scary dream. I wonder where I am?” he looked around and noticed that he wasn’t outside anymore. “Ah, this is the hospital. Someone must have found me outside and unconscious and decided to bring me here.” Nagakoto was still week from his visual experience, but he knew that he didn’t have time to play around. Today was the day that he did his usual exorcisms. Nagakoto ran out of the hospital and through a path in the fields towards the main part of the village. “I don’t know how long that I’ve been knocked out, but I’m sure people are wondering where I am right now. I have to hurry.” As he was running his eye began to activate again. Nagakoto turned to his right too see a massive fireball head his away. Luckily he was able to dodge at the last minute. “Where did that come from?” Nagakoto stated as he watched the ball of fire slam into trees with a massive explosion. Nagakoto stood up and dusted himself off. “There he is.” With his new vision he able to easily find the man responsible for his assault; he was starting to see the good that it could bring. “I guess these things are useful, but he’s not giving off any heat signatures. It’s obvious then, he is a ghost.” The ghost was in the shape of an old man who had been severely burned to the point where his entire chest cavity was exposed. “Do you know how long I’ve waited so that one day we may meet again? I refused to rest until I got my vengeance on you and bring this world peace.” Nagakoto became confused with his words. “Maybe you are little confused. I have never seen you before in my life.” Nagakoto figured he was a little crazy. The dead rarely make sense. “Perhaps he is still traumatized from his death. It looks like it was pretty gruesome.” The old man shook his head. “No I am not confused. I am positive you are the one I am trying to find. And your eyes only confirm my suspicion.” Nagakoto looked at the old man. “My eyes? What do my eyes have to do with anything?” Nagakoto felt that he was in trouble. His opponent was obviously more skilled in combat than he was. But he had trust that his new power would see him through this trial. “THEY ARE THE SAME EYES AS THAT DAMN BIRD!!!” Nagakoto could feel the chakra off this old man it was phenomenal. “Whoever killed him must have been really strong. This guy is super strong.” The old man vanished, as he did Nagakoto had a feeling of Déjà vu, likes he’s been in this situation before. As if it came Naturally Nagakoto blocked the old man’s attempt to knee him in the back. With the same swift motion Nagakoto jumped in the air and attempted to counter with a punch to the old man. However the old man wasn’t without a few tricks of his own. The old man quickly made a set of hand seals and was preparing to fire another fireball at Nagakoto. At this distance it was surely going to hit and judging by the amount of chakra that was going into the attack it was surely going to be fatal. Nagakoto’s eyes widen as he watched the flames flow from his mouth.
A large explosion sent Nagakoto backward, but he wasn’t hurt to his surprise. The old man on the other had got the most destruction end of the attack. “Wow. What just happened?” Nagakoto thought back to the moments before the explosion and everything became clear. “Ah, that’s right. Somehow I managed to send the flames back down his throat. That must have been why I am unharmed.” Nagakoto was surprised that he was able to fight as he was. It was like memories were slowly returning to him. “I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I love it.” Nagakoto said with a smirk as he prepared himself for another assault by the old man. “That is a new skill that you learned. I don’t ever remember you using that when we had our first fight. I’m sure I would have lost even quicker than I did.” Nagakoto shook his head, “Like I said old man. I do not know how you think I am, but we have never fought. You are still traumatized from your death. Now please, let me send you so you can have peace.” Just then the old man shouted at him “What the hell do you know about peace? You say I am the confused one, but I know very well what’s going on. It is you who is confused. You just don’t get it do you?” Nagakoto stared at the old man, but kept his guard up. This very well could be a plow to catch him off guard. “Those two ghost girls that you met earlier, who do you think was responsible for their deaths?” the old man asked Nagakoto. Nagakoto was already used to seeing so much death and ghosts that he didn’t even stop to ask the question. “Why does it matter? I am not strong enough to be their avenger; the only thing that I can give them is peace? I’ll leave avenging to the proper authorities.” The old man growled again. “There you go on again about peace. You preaching about peace is like a fish breathing air. As long as you still roam this earth there will be no peace. There are literally tens of thousands of restless souls wondering these lands, trying to find peace and you, you damn bird, are the reason why they are dead.” Nagakoto became intrigued by his words now. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he believed that this wasn’t a ploy to through him off. “You have killed more people through your multiple life spans than anything else in this world. You even have the audacity to take my name, MY NAME and use it anyhow you see fit. Nagakoto had no idea what the old man was talking about, but he could see that he truly belived that Nagakoto was the cause of many deaths in the world. “I don’t know if what you say is true old man, but if it then I will bring peace to each and everyone of those ten thousands of souls. And I will look more into what you say. I was happy staying in the earth country and helping all these lost souls. However, I must begin my journey around these lands to find out more about myself. And to you “Nagakoto” I am sorry for whatever I did. I’m sorry for taking your name and I assume I am the one that killed you? So by that logic I must be older than I look, I’m sorry for killing you. I will definitely find out why I did this. For now, Nagakoto, you must rest. You have been troubled for long enough. The problems of the living aren’t your concern anymore.” Nagakoto’s words calmed down the old man, and he accepted his send. “I will hold you to your words. You have one hell of task before you.” With that said Nagakoto manipulated the flames that were inside the old man’s chest causing him to burst into flames. However, these weren’t the normal burning flames, but flames of the divine, a trademark of the Jiin Clan.
As Nagakoto continued to walk towards the main part of the village he began to several shadows move. “More ghosts, huh? Fine.” Nagakoto jumped backward from the dancing shadows to get a clear view of just how many ghosts he was dealing with. When it was all said and done he counted a total of ten. However they were mostly children and toddlers. “Is this what the old man was talking about? The many people whom I killed long ago?” Nagakoto began to feel overwhelmingly sad, just as he did when he met the two twin girls. “I am responsible for their deaths as well?” I will have to find answers after I deal with these lost souls.” Nagakoto began to hear their moans and screams. He began to hear their last moments before they died, before he killed them. Most of them were crying for their parents, some weren’t even old enough to talk. Under normal circumstances Nagakoto wouldn’t be able to deal with all that was going on, but he felt that all the ones he made suffer deserved to have peace that was the least that he could give them. I am sorry for any suffering I may have cause you children, but you can now rest. I will give you the peace that you deserve.” One by one Nagakoto sent these tormented kids to the afterlife and gave them peace. He was actually surprised that most of them went without a fight. “Well that was a easier than I thought. However I have to go find grandpa. He will most likely have something to say about this.” Nagakoto turned around from his path and began to walk on the path that leads to the Jiin compound. Although his grandfather had a lot of missions to do for the earth country he was positive that he could find time to help him in his little problem.
Nagakoto arrived promptly at the Jiin Compound. Immediately he shouted out for his Grandfather, expecting no answer he was surprised when he heard his grandfather’s response. “What is it, Nagakoto? You sound troubled.” Nagakoto began to tell his grandfather what had happened to him today. However Nagakoto noticed something strange about his grandfather. He looked his grandfather in the face, his eyes were still normal. Nagakoto put his head down and began to think about his past events with his grandfather. “He’s not giving off any heat signatures and his Tengan isn’t activated so he isn’t manipulating his body temperature.” His grandfather became concerned. He hasn’t seen that look on Nagakoto’s face before. “What is wrong boy? What happened today?” His grandfather asked. Nagakoto was quiet for a second before figuring out what to say. “Today I learned the truth. I am going to go to the academy and become a shinobi. I must look more into this. This may be the last time you see me granddad. Thank you for helping me.” Nagakoto’s grandfather smirked at his thought of him going to the academy. “Good, but what makes you think you will never see me again? There are plenty of shinobi who…”
“That’s not what I mean.” Nagakoto said interrupting him. “You will not see me again grandfather because you are not real.” Using his Tengan Nagakoto canceled his grandfather revealing him to be a genjutsu. Nagakoto looked at the location where the illusion of his grandfather stood. “I wonder, just how long have I been under that Spell?” he began to think about on any event that showed that this man that called himself his grandfather existed. Any instance that he tried to come up with was pointless. He had no proof that his grandfather existed. “I have no idea what is going on, but it is obviously behind my current skill level. I am going to find out some answers.”
In seemingly an instant Nagakoto was alone. Although he was done being sad about it. He was confident that even with his limited knowledge he was going to be fine. “Its time that I grow up… I’m going to find out about my past and who placed this genjutsu on me.” [2050 words]

11 Ghosts Sent
175 Base Pay
814 Total Pay

1025 EXP
103 Bonus Exp
1128 Total Exp

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Grey Blaze 017 : Phoenix Death 7
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