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 ~The First Council~ {Hayabusa}

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PostSubject: ~The First Council~ {Hayabusa}   May 12th 2013, 20:52

Upon the arrival of Ayane and Hayabusa at the leaf village, Hayabusa told Ayane to go back home. He walked his way back to the Hokage’s Office. He had the scroll in his puppet and an extra scroll in which he began to write a note to the Hokage.
‘Lord Hokage,
My deepest thanks go out to you for welcoming me into your home. I hope that I have been as good as an asset to you as you have been helpful to me. Attached is the scroll in which I have collected the requested data. Also, I have now enough footing, thanks to you, to begin my own country and community securely. I have decided to name this country ‘Yajuu Country’, or ‘Beast Country’. Upon this declaration, I will possibly be gone by the time you return. Therefore, this is not only to thank you, but to offer my country’s allegiance to you. You have the need for alliance, as you have displayed to me. Count me in. I have a debt to pay, and I expect for it to be paid.
Best wishes…
Lydeck Uchiha Hayabusa’
Hayabusa signed the bottom, before going to his personal assistants and giving it to them.
“For the Hokage’s eyes only in regard to his Top Secret Mission that he asked of me.” He said.
“Ah… so your travels were successful…” she said.
“Very well…” she took out a huge wad of ryo to give to him. Hayabusa had no idea that he had signed up for this. He was pleased with the outcome. He slightly bowed to her as he turned and began to walk away. As he walked through the streets of Konoha, closing time had been nearing. Hayabusa had a little bit of money that he wanted to spend, therefore, he took this to the jutsu shop, scroll shop, and to his surprise, spent the minimum. Hayabusa made his way back home, where there had been people sitting at a round table. This group of people consisted of Hayate, Eliot, Ayane, Kasumi, and Genshin. Hayabusa raised his eyebrow.
“Hayabusa…” Hayate said. He put his hand out to summon him to the seat next to him. Hayabusa took a seat and looked at everyone. It seemed to be slightly quiet. “We called a meeting… to speak on what you wanted to speak on. I thought it very poetic to make the decision based on how you would like all major decisions regarding the outside world. As a council… so… not everyone here knows what this is about… only Genshin and I have discussed this. Would you like to take the floor?” Hayate asked.
“Oh… well…” Hayabusa sat up straight. “My proposition is simply. We move on…”
“WHAT!?! WHY!? WHY THE HE…” began Kasumi, before she was stopped by Hayate’s hand.
“The floor is his.”
“Thank you…” Hayabusa said. “Now…” Hayabusa stood up. He emptied all the money he had on his body. It amounted to about 70,000 Ryo. All of them perked up. “About Seventy THOUSAND ryo. Enough to buy us a country we can call our own. We make the rules. We make refuge. What we have here is great, yes. But, we can have our OWN community. One that is not limited to the rules of another. One we can call home. Not only can we buy a country, but we can jump start a village border, enough to make the gates and landscape, master plan, the whole nine yards. All missions we conduct will profit US rather than this village. We won’t have to worry about war for a while, hopefully… we will pledge our allegiance to Konoha for all that they’ve done. So, all money can go to bettering ourselves… and our community. Growing. A home for us.”
“And what would said country and village be named?” Eliot asked.
“Beast Country… properly Yajuu Country. Lunar Eclipse Village, properly Gesshoku Village…” he said. Eliot nodded. After a pause, Hayabusa continued. “We will make it by, easy. We have intelligent, strong people. Worst case scenario, we cut our losses and we’ll end up back here.” Hayabusa sat down and waited. He looked at Hayate, who looked at Genshin. Genshin looked at Hayabusa.
“Well…” Genshin began. “Bring it to motion…”
“I motion to persue Gesshoku Village of Yajuu Country… majority votes, excluding mine. Your decision will not be questioned.” Hayabusa said. He looked to the one to the left of him, which had been Hayate.
“Against…” he said.
“For.” Kasumi said.
“For.” Eliot said.
“Against…” Ayane said, which had been very puzzling. All eyes were on Genshin at this point.
“For…” he stated. Hayabusa slapped the table, as if it were court.
“That settles it. We wrap up our lives here. I will go on ahead with a few of you to scope the land, pay for it, and begin contracting for a timely build. Everyone else… put your two weeks in and get as much money as possible…” Hayabusa said.
“Next…” Hayate said.
“Yes… um… anymore order of business?” Hayabusa asked.
“Ah yes…” Hayabusa began… “I motion to put in a vote. Village Leader and possible future Kage… Yajuukage. Nominees are all who are in attendance today. Starting with me… Village Leader, Genshin…” he said. He looked at Genshin to take the lead.
“Hayabusa…” he said.
“Genshin…” Ayane said.
“Hayabusa.” Eliot stated.
“Hayate…” Kasumi stated. It had now at this point been up to Hayate. He looked up before he stated…
“…Hayabusa…” he said. Hayabusa just looked at him. AS badly as he wanted to oppose, he could not say anything. He sighed.
“It’s settled then…” Hayabusa said, pounding the desk. “Anymore order of business…” Hayabusa said. Eliot perked up.
“I’ve been working on a little something…” he said. He took something out of his back pack that seemed to have been a scouter. He handed it to Hayabusa. Hayabusa put it attached to his ear as was obvious. It fovered his whole ear, and in the eye, he could read people’s chakra without the use of Sharingan. “It’s just a prototype…” Eliot said. “Go on… pour chakra into it and think on the form you want it to have…” he said. Hayabusa did so and, before his eyes, the ear piece became very compact around his ear, and collapsed into a full face mask that shielded his nose and mouth and one of his eyes. Hayabusa’s eyes widened.
“I motion to have it called a Gesshoku Mask of Lydeck Corp. I have other things in production… this works off of chakra energy but it electronical and hooked up to my personal network on my small computer. Where we set up, we will be able to set up electronic profiling and communications. It has a headset on it, and the moment we set up a mainframe, I can update it to be on the server. My motion is to go into market, in which I can govern for perhaps profit… Lydeck Corporation, in the name of this village as HQ.”
“All in favor?” Hayabusa began… All raised their hands. Hayabusa ponded the table. “And Lydeck Corp is born…” he said. Hayabusa began to take the mask off.
“No…” Eliot said. “That one is yours. As village leader, you will be off network, which only ones pre-mainframe will be capable of.
“Thank you… any more order of business?” Hayabusa asked. The others shook their head. Hayabusa nodded. “Adjourned…” he said. They all rose and went about their lives. Eliot walked up to Hayabusa and put a little money in his pile when all left.
“I hope you don’t mind… I did a mission in your name… needed to make money for the materials of this mask. It also had a breath mask… but, um… other than those materials, he is the rest.” Eliot bowed, and Hayabusa bowed back. He gathered the money and began plotting on what to do next…
[1322 Words]
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PostSubject: Re: ~The First Council~ {Hayabusa}   May 13th 2013, 14:54

Rolling for END
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PostSubject: Re: ~The First Council~ {Hayabusa}   

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~The First Council~ {Hayabusa}
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