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 Grey Blaze 025: Dynasty 5

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PostSubject: Grey Blaze 025: Dynasty 5   May 17th 2013, 04:50

Nagakoto was dressed in his usual priest robes. It was the weekend and that meant that someone or something needed to be exorcised. Nagakoto’s client this week was a young woman, around the age of 19 or 21. Appearently, she heard many positive rumors about Nagakoto and his ability to send spirits to the afterlife. These rumors eventually lead her here.
“Please, you have to help me sir. I have nowhere else to turn. If… if… I can’t get help here… then…then…the * cries *” Nagakoto sighed as she began to sob. He didn’t need such formalities. And he didn’t like being called “sir” besides she was older than he was at least by eight years. “Stop crying, its not going to make whatever is causing your stress go away. You can just call me, Nagakoto. No need for sir.” He said with a warm smile. The girl ceased crying and looked up to Nagakoto. His warm smile reassured her, and made her feel better. “You’re right. I have to be strong…” she said. She slowly rose to her feet and began leading Nagakoto to her house. While on the path to her residence she began explaining her problems in greater detail.
“So, your little brother is possessed? That is not that uncommon. I have gotten a few of those already.” Nagakoto said trying to reassure her. He saw that his efforts weren’t working and she was still bothered by it. “Yes, I know… however this is particularly a violent demon. He… He tried to kill me. Honestly, I don’t feel too safe leaving him with my parents. They aren’t young anymore, but they insisted that I go find help and they would stay with him.” Nagakoto looked at her expression once again. He began to understand that this was something that he hasn’t seen everyday. “If that is the case then we must hurry. I do not want anything bad to happen to your family…” They began to run on the dirt road towards the house. Nagakoto didn’t want to wait any longer.
After a short run the pair finally reached the house, “Okay, we are here…” the girl said as she ran up to the front door to open it. Nagakoto paused for a moment. He could feel a ghostly chill in the air. “Hmmm… There are definitely some supernatural forces at work here. I can literally feel the chill in the air. Whatever it is, it is too strong for these people…” * ARRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!!! * Nagakoto was startled by the girl’s sudden shriek as she stood in the doorway. He watched as she dropped to her needs and began sobbing uncontrollably. Nagakoto rushed towards her to see what made her scream so loud. When he looked through the doorway, his lost all the color in his face. There were no words for what he saw. It was like something right out of a horror story. The girl began to a cry louder and harder. “What… What the hell is this?” Nagakoto asked himself.

The walls were painted in blood. There was so much blood that Nagakoto couldn’t even make out what the original color of the wall was. The lights were all off and the only sound was the creaking of the wood, which only added to the eerie atmosphere. Nagakoto quickly activated his Tengan to see if he could find anyone in the house. “Hmmm… Nobody… I suppose it is safe to enter.” Nagakoto, with his Tengan still active, began to walk into the house; the girl hesitantly followed him. Once he was deeper within the house he noticed two bodies. A man and a woman, there were an older couple. He immediately figured that they must have been the girl’s parents. Nagakoto moved a little closer to examine the girl’s parents. There was deep cut that went from ear to ear on both of their faces. You didn’t have to have any medical experience to tell that these two were dead and they didn’t die in an honorable or peaceful way. These were horrible and brutal deaths. Nagakoto stood back up and looked at the girl. He didn’t have to say anything to her; even if he did he wouldn’t know where to begin. She fell to her knees and cried harder then before. She figured that they were dead the moment she walked into the doorway this only confirmed her suspicions. Nagakoto went to comfort her. Just as he took a step, he began to feel an evil presence in the house. It was powerful, possibly his strongest opponent yet. “Come on, we have to get you out of here.” Nagakoto, without explaining anything grabbed the girls had and ran towards the doorway. He didn’t want her to be in the area or else there would be another casualty. “I don’t want you to get… * BOOOOOM *” Just before he could reach the door it slammed shout and locked. “Damn, too late… come on, lets see….” Nagakoto stopped in his tracks and fear ran down his spine. In front of him was the old couple. They weren’t lying against the wall; they were standing. As if their corpse had been reanimated. They now had a grin that stretched from ear to ear. It was a sick and twisted grin. The girl was in disbelief when she seen her parents. “Mom… Dad…?” The couple lifted their heads, showing bloodied eyes. The Girl became paralyzed in fear. Nagakoto’s instincts kicked backed in and he pushed the girl out of the way. “These aren’t your parents anymore, you need to stay out of the way…” Nagakoto then grabbed an old broomstick to defend himself. “I should really get a staff for these sort of things.” The watched as Nagakoto charged at her parents with the broomstick. She wanted to stop him, but she knew he was right. Whatever he was fighting were not her parents anymore. The only thing she could do was stay out the way and allow him to work. Nagakoto may not have had any jutsu to work with, but he had extensive knowledge in using the Bo-Staff. It was more than enough to care of the two. Nagakoto quickly swiped the end of the broom the hit the old woman first, once it hit he hit the old man with the same motion. “They are very slow. It shouldn’t be too hard to land a blow on them. However I need to find fire. Even a little bit would be helpful in a time like this.” Nagakoto thought to himself. He looked around to see if there were any candles lit. If so, then this fight was already over for the two ghosts. “Ah… there it is…” he noticed a small flame on a candle stick” Nagakoto pointed at the flame and made it dance on his fingertips before turning it purple. Purple flames were known to be stronger than blue fire and way stronger than normal flames. It was something that Nagakoto just recently learned to do. Once the two ghosts were close enough he intensified. Nagakoto sent both of the flames at two ghosts; they lit up in flames immediately. They yelled out a ghostly howled before being reduced to dust. The house was quiet again. Nagakoto looked over at the girl, she was shaken up but not hurt. “I have a feeling that this is for from over. I better take this time to get her out of here.” Nagakoto thought to himself. He moved over to the girl and reached for her shoulder; she jumped. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, but you have to leave. Take this time to run out of the house.” Nagakoto told the girl. For a while the girl said nothing, still in shock from the events that had just taken place. “But… But… the door…” She managed to finally say. Nagakoto looked at the locked door and shrugged. “Right… here let me fix that…” by concentrating and intensifying the flames into a medium sized fireball. Nagakoto immediately lobbed it into the door creating a loud explosion that blew the door open. “There now leave, I will take care of things from here.” Nagakoto told her. The girl looked at that door, then back at Nagakoto. Then… back at the door. Without saying a word she got up and ran back into town. Once Nagakoto was sure that she was at a safe distance he collected the fire again in his right palm.
The house was now quiet again. He still had to find her brother, no doubt that he was possessed and the one responsible for all this.” Just as he spoke a book flew off the shelf and speeded towards his head. Because of his Tengan he was able to easily see the book coming and slapped it away with the Bo-Staff. “So there are spirits still here, eh?” Nagakoto thought to himself. He couldn’t see them, but he could “feel” them. There were several of them. “I wonder how long have they been here before deciding to reveal themselves?” Nagakoto thought to himself. He wasn’t worried though. Even though there was a room filled with never resting spirits they were weak. They were even weaker than the old man and woman he just fought. They began to through more and more objects at Nagakoto, who effortlessly knocked them away with the staff. “This house is a breathing ground for them. I feel way more living here, I should stop humoring these guys here and send them.” Nagakoto slammed one end of the staff into the ground, sending a way of blue flames around the room. Spiritual bodies immediately burst into flames and wailings came from them. “Ten?” Nagakoto counted the spiritual bodies. “There were at least twice as many here not too long ago. They must have fled.” Nagakoto began to wonder though the house it was very big, possibly one of the biggest houses in the village. He was going to be wondering it for a while. After walking a short distance he came to a large room it was at least several times larger than the room he had just came from, candles of flame were lit everywhere. “Strange this seem like this was a ritual room of sorts.” Nagakoto then began to feel a large number of spirits again. No doubt the ones that had escaped. “So you retreated into a room full of fire? I guess I will have to so you the error in your ways.” Just as he did before he slammed the end of the staff onto the floor, causing an even larger wave of flames, sending the rest of the spirits to the afterlife. After a while he couldn’t feel any more spirits. Now the only thing left was to find the boy. The house was big, the longer he stayed the more and more he started to like the place. This would be a great place for him to live, once it was cleansed of spirits of course. After a while he finally came the last room in the house. It was part of the basement. “If he isn’t in here, then I suspect the spirits may have taken him to the spirit realm.” Nagakoto said before opening the door.
He opened the door and there on a throne of bones, was a young boy with a crown also made out of bones. “So, you were able to defeat my minions? You must be really skilled then, young boy.” Nagakoto smirked. “Young boy? I may be a young boy, but I am clearly older than you.” He retorted. The boy who sat on the throne laughed. “This is only the mortal form that wish to use when I want to communicate with mortals.” Nagakoto then began to feel something strange emitting from the boy, it was charka; dark and evil chakra. “The dead don’t give off chakra… what is this guy?” Nagakoto was confused and realized that this was way out of his league. “I don’t understand. What do you mean your moral body? The body that you are using is the brother of a young woman.” Nagakoto stated. The boy laughed “Oh, her?” he said pointing behind Nagakoto. Nagakoto reluctantly looked behind him… and there she was standing behind him, with a menacing smirk on her face. He wanted to tell her to leave again and ask her why did she came back, but he felt there was something more going on. The young woman kept a smirk on her as she walked towards her brother. “I… I don’t understand.” Nagakoto was truly confused at the moment. The boy laughed again. His voice became darker. “I needed someone to lure you here.” There were thousands of questions going on in his head right now. So many questions that he wasn’t able to speak. Ne noticed that the girl also had a high level of chakra. Why wasn’t he able to feel this from her before? “You are strong, but we can’t have you getting back to your original self.” The girl mentions. Nagakoto slowly began to realize what was going on. His eyes widen, before he could say anything they both raised their hands and a strong flame appeared. It wasn’t blue, purple, or white. It was stronger. It was so hot that he could feel the heat from where he was. “Is this….” Before he couldn’t finish they lobbed the flames at him Nagakoto’s eyes widened, as the flames got close and exploded. The explosion was strong enough to destroy the entire house.
When the smoke cleared the two ghosts were gone and Nagakoto was nowhere in sight. [2290 words]

22 Ghosts Sent
175 Ryo Base Pay
15% Increase per ghost.
3787 Ryo total
1145 exp

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Grey Blaze 025: Dynasty 5
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