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PostSubject: REQUESTS   July 1st 2013, 20:56

< - Legendary Yellow Flash Kunai -
< A powerful kunai was said to help the late 4th hokage vanish in a blink of an eye. Reappearing only to kill his enemies within a flash. Now their is said to be several kunai's that he designed sealed within the Hokage Mountain. Travel there and locate them but be warned of the traps that he has set up even the guard.
Restrictions: [Can be done once.]
HP Marker: +4
Requires: 20 Posts & [Manager Interaction for Battle] {Stat Battle}
Rewards: Yellow Flash Kunais x10

Scheduling an appointment for one of you to be my interaction for this next week.

< - Shakaku - Shrine of Wind -
< A shrine named after, Shakaku. "Survive the blades of wind if you dare trespass on my ground." Is written at the entrance once you enter the blades of wind will begin cutting you until reaching the end.
Restrictions: Can be done once
HP Marker: +4
Requires: 10 Posts
Rewards: 15% to Fuuton Mastery Element
I know Wind Country is closed but is this possible? If not...

< - Kaku - Shrine of Earth -
< A shrine that was created for, Kaku. "Break through the walls of defense to reach power weakling." Is written at the entrance of the shrine. Once you step foot walls of earth will block your path each one becomes stronger as you near the end.
Restrictions: Can be done once
HP Marker: +3
Requires: 10 Posts
Rewards: 15% to Doton Mastery Element
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PostSubject: Re: REQUESTS   July 3rd 2013, 11:38

OK for the first quest mission

As for the second no you cannot.

Third quest mission allowed.
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