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 ~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}

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PostSubject: ~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}   July 11th 2013, 15:56

As Hayabusa leaves his friend, after his crazy statements, Hayabusa began to walk up the mountain to the stone faces of all Kages. Before getting half way there, when nobody had been around, Hayabusa sat down and began to meditate. In his mind, he had been again in this dark abyss of nothing. He looked around before, about 4 feet in front of him, there had been the glowing crimson eyes of his Sharingan.
“Hayabusa…” the deeper voice said.
“… Shadow…” he said.
“And thus… I am given a name…” he said.
“You are the darkest part of me. My ‘Shadow’. It seems fitting. Now… I have a proposition… I think…”
“Yes…” Shadow answered before Hayabusa said what he wanted.
“But how did…”
“We are one… I am in your mind.” He said. Hayabusa nodded.
“Well then… so you know I’m correct in thinking how you and I could benefit each other and live in unison as a whole?”
“I do… as long as you understand that eventually, we will get merged together, and that I will do things you don’t like, and vice versa.”
“Very well…” Hayabusa said. “The dark and light in this body shall no longer fight each other, but coexist… and this task… is on you…” he said. As the shadowy figure absorbed into Hayabusa.

Outside of Hayabusa’s body, he opened his eyes, revealing his Fully Awakened Sharingan. He stood up and smirked. He performed a seal and his hair turned pitch black. He applied chakra into the Gesshoku mask he received from Eliot, as it covered his whole face, excluding his eyes. Under it, he smirked. Going to the nearest cavern, Hayabusa dropped all of his belongings, summoned an all black designed outfit, and kept the cloak that hid his chakra.
He had now been Shadow…

Shadow looked into the air with his Sharingan eyes. He then looked on toward the stone faces. He began walking up that hill before being approached by one of the guards of Konoha. He smirked, as he saw this man.
“Hold it there…” he said. Shadow tilted his head to the side. He had absolutely no weapon. “You don’t belong here…” the man said. Shadow cleared his throat.
“I am Shadow… of Kiri…” he said.
“Kiri… DAVE!” the man yelled. His back up came down, and the two armed themselves. “Kiri Missing Nin…”
“Who said I was Missing…”
“You’re masked…” he said. “And you have the Sharingan…” Shadow rose his arms.
“Fine… you got me… Uchiha Shadow, Missing Nin of Kiri.” he said.
“You’re in a restricted zone…” he said. Shadow shrugged again.
“Point being?” he asked. The one man came at him. Shadow performed three seals and from his hands came two blades bade purely of black flames. The man slashed his sword, as did Shadow. The sword melted instantly. Shadow used the one on the left to pierce the stomach of the man and leave a burning hole in him. He dropped to the ground as Shadow stood there, holding these ‘weapons’. He looked on to the remaining guy, who was shocked. He performed himself a few handseals, but Shadow was way ahead of him. He released his technique and then his blades vanished. He performed a few seals of his own before blowing out the Uchiha’s great fire ball technique, but with black flames. These flames engulfed the oncoming water jutsu, evaporating it, and hissing the right side of the man’s body as well. The man fell to the ground in pain. Shadow walked to him and looked down on him with his Sharingan.
“You will be the only one I LET live… remember this… because one day you’ll hear my name and cringe. You have only one task… tell your people about me. Kiri’s Shadow of Dark Flames…” he began to walk away. “If nobody knows of me by next week, I will come after you…” he said. He then left the man in pain…
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PostSubject: Re: ~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}   July 12th 2013, 15:46

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PostSubject: Re: ~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}   July 12th 2013, 15:46

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PostSubject: Re: ~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}   

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~Kiri's Shadow of Black Flames~ {Shadow}
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