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 The Sage Awakens: "Wake Up"

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PostSubject: The Sage Awakens: "Wake Up"   July 28th 2013, 11:19

It was not likely for one to assume that he was dead simply by hearing an echo of a voice. Though this Echo was indeed stranger than most. She had soothing tone to her, but still held conviction and power with it. He had found nothing like this in the real world. But here.... here He found it.
"Wake up" The voice said. He hesitated, there was suspicion about all of this. How did he fall asleep in the first place. Last time he checked he was dead.
"Wake Up Yukimura and Seek your best friend out. Uchiha Hayabusa." The voice called out. Yukimura? Who was that. Everything was seemingly so different to him.
"Wake Up Senju" The voice called again. Finally Yukimura let himself go and his mind and spirit seemingly whisked away.

The sun peered over the trees and shined a light on a bloody scene. Around the epicenter 6 bodies laid on the ground bloody and lifeless. The one in the middle though only had a scar across is forehead with dried blood over him. He squinted his eyes at first sign of light then opened them again and allowed them to be readjusted. His fingers grabbed the soft lush green grass beneath his body. He had motor control, and he could feel. The air was refreshing as it flowed into to him then out of him. He didn't so much as care about his sense of taste. He was not as willing to taste the ground.

He raised his body up around him to see the six bodies laying in a pool of their own blood. He tried to recall what happened but he couldn't. In fact he couldn't remember anything except... that voice. What was it?
"Yukimura" He said silently to himself. "That's my name." He stood upright as he looked around yet again. Directly on the floor in front of him had been a scroll of the world map and his current location. He raised an eyebrow looking at the giant X marked on the map.
"Beast Country." He then remembered the instructions given to him by the voice.
"Find Your bestfriend, Uchiha Hayabusa." Something about the location on the map told him he would find Uchiha Hayabusa at that location. He decided it was time to move.

As he took his first step he looked at the bodies a bit closer. They were from... from... He couldn't remember that either. He decided to take the one piece of armor they all shared which was a headband marked with a leaf.
"Whoever this Hayabusa is... He should know what this is about."
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The Sage Awakens: "Wake Up"
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