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 thinking about the past...

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PostSubject: thinking about the past...   July 28th 2013, 20:49

Raijin sat there looking down at his hands one day as he sighed heavily, things were getting interesting in his life and he wasn't sure about an absolute thing really at this point, but he knew for a fact that he needed to get himself stronger a lot quicker, but he also had to make sure he was still within a humane level so that he didn't keep everyone in check due to his just over powering strength if he got that strong.

He sighed as he finished his training at the dojo and sat outside of it with a towel around his neck draping down, he sighed as he looked at the scenery in front of him, “yare yare... life is getting interesting lately that's for sure.” Raijin thought to himself about all that had happened in the past before he focused the raiton chakra into his hand and held it up in the air before a huge lightning bolt came down in front of him hitting a straw mat that was twenty feet in front of him, he panted and slumped there for a few moments before he was able to move again, “I still wont be able to get used to that...” Raijin said as he saw the straw dummy torn to pieces before he sighed, “I guess it's a last resort technique...” he said to himself thinking out loud to himself as he thought about all of the things going on in his life lately, it was all very strange and taking turns where he least expected it all but he shrugged and sighed before he looked up at the sky before he noticed the clouds over Raijin, “Ten's up to it again.” he said to himself again remembering the guardian at the top, he smiled at the conversations they had together and he stood up and bowed towards the mountain, “thank-you again Ten-senpai.”

Death comes for us all... all a man can do is smile back.
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thinking about the past...
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