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 Grave: Arrival in Flames

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PostSubject: Grave: Arrival in Flames   July 28th 2013, 21:35

+ Having his staff placed into the ground, Grave turned his head as he glanced over at the tall walls that guard Konoha. "Well...this sure doesn't beat a mountain but I guess in a field of trees it would have to work." As he walked over to the giant gate two shinobi stopped him. "Stop right there, what business do you have here." Reaching in his back pocket Grave taking out a paper that was folded in fours. As he handed it to the gentlemen they slowly opened it only to have a small twitching in their eyes.

+ "Y-you're kidding me right...a wandering...shinobi...priest. Yet you have flyers to support you as well." The man with dark short haired seem to not believe Grave as he smiled nodding at them. "That is correct, its a hard life out in the real world, always having to deal with death of doing mission. I decided it be a best road for a shinobi like myself to travel and go about sealing spirits and warding off evil spirits."

+The gentleman folded up the paper handing it back toward Grave he softly took ip placing it in his back pocket once more. " be careful within the village limits understand you are still a Kumo shinobi and if you are caught doing anything we'll be sure to strike you on the spot, understand?" Grave nodded as he heard the warning that seemed like a threat. But it would not surprise him as war was usually started by his country.

+ Walking thru the gates Grave was able to see the vast village with its smiles from its citizen. Everything seemed to light up the place but it was unsure as to what would allow Grave to get his mission done. "Hmm...seems I better hurry up, get what I can, then get out...the faster the better it seems." Taking it slow thru the village Grave turned right and left looking down each area. As shops were on each area it seemed this was going to be a harder mission then he thought. Only to head over to the raman hut did he sit down asking for a bowl. "Oh hello there you look new to the village." Said the old man working the counter, behind him was a lovely young lady. Unable to take his eyes off of her for a moment Grave shook his head saying, "Yes sir I am, I'm a traveling priest I've been looking for information within Konoha about some evil spirits." Though the only spirit he could think of that was truly evil within the country was the Kyuubi that he read about.

+ The old man placed his hand by his face thinking for a moment, "Evil spirits...hmmm...we haven't heard of any stories of them at all. But if anything you should have a look around before having to deal with things. I can point you into one of the village's clan that may know something." Grave shook his head, "That would be great I'd love to hear from them." Grave said excited about. Soon after eating and getting a decent meal within him. Grave made his way towards one of the clan's area.

+ As night fall was coming about Grave stopped for a moment only to feel something unease. 'It was only a slight pick...but someone's behind not just one... three...they have large chakra for me not to sense them or they have a way of hiding it as well.' Soon to appear, "So...we heard you been asking around about "Evil Spirits" Please...we know what you are up to Kumo shinobi. You trying your best to fulfill a mission are you not?" One shinobi appeared before Grave staring at his back for a small moment. "First off...I came as a priest to help those in need of saving. Evil spirits or not they still must be saved and you are in the way of that." Grave replied back trying to buy sometime for himself.

+ 'I do not want to kill anyone, that is my goal...I hate fighting a little bit but hell...if it comes to it.' Soon the roaring noise and heat bursting across his back. Grave stopped for a brief moment, with the voices gone silent. Grave stood only in shock, as the men had been completely wiped out but something other than Grave. "Turn" Grave slowly turned only for his eyes to lock onto his own brother. " come you're in Konoha and why did you kill them!" The fire fiend holding its master vanished only to have the young male land on his feet sighing heavily. "First you were about to get killed, secondly that is for me to know not you."

+ Grave's brother finally appeared after several months. Yelling at the top of his lungs Grave couldn't help himself as he released a large amount of chakra. Hao stood with a expression that showed he was not scared. Taking off to face off against his brother. Throwing a fist at him Hao caught it flipping Grave over his shoulder slamming him into the dirt road only to have Hao smile once more. "Is that all you have?" Hao smiled as Grave pushed up having his right left coming down at Hao's head. Whom pushed off to slid on the ground leaving a small trial. "Tell me something strong did you get while I was gone."

+ The voice was set in a tune that was to let Grave know he was too weak. Taking out his staff and the sword of trials the blade was glowing brightly as Grave smiled saying as his face was giving off a shadow from the light being formed. "Shut it...cause I'm going to cut you down to nothing!" Darting off with the weapons pulled back the staff was swung toward the right only to have Hao jump back but the sword was brought down with force. Cracking the dirt road, Grave was left in the dirt only to be kneed in the face, punched within the gut and pushed back dropping his weapons. " cannot even land a single hit on him why." Grave was standing confused as his brother walked over picking up a sword and showed him a difference in their power. As the blade was about the size of a 4 store building. "I have a large amount of chakra...Its because of how we are raised...if you cannot reach this power it means you lack means you lack...the thought of having are weak."

+ As the blade was coming down at Grave only dust was left as the flaming fiend appear once more to take its master once more vanishing into the night. The power left surging through the blade kept it lift for several minutes as the blade was cut into the ground leaving only Grave's left arm bleeding from the burns of the chakra. On his knees with only shock on his face. He was unable to move not sure of what the power he just saw. But it seemed to overpower him like nothing. "I...felt...nothing...his power was beyond even what I could sense...He's that strong...but how can I fight that." Grave fell forward on the ground passing out from the damage he took.

+ Meanwhile while on the flaming fiend, "Seems you tired yourself out Hao." Turning his head Hao noticed a shadow like figure. "What are you talking about Garda...I'm perfectly fine..." Breathing heavily the young male seemed to have done something to tire himself out quickly. "You used the power of your ancients causing you to tire out faster." The shadow figure turned away saying, "Do not over do it...if you do I'll be sure to kill your brother for you if you cannot. Now, excuse me I have a mission to handle within this country still." Jumping down the man vanished off into the dark sky.

+ Hours later, Grave awoke with his head bandage, but also tied down to the bed. "What...the hell." Grave was unable to get up or move for that matter as a shinobi guard was in the room watching him, "Do not move...your body is badly beaten but as well, you have something to answer the death of three shinobi." Grave turned his head away only to say, "I have nothing to do with that." Before the shinobi came over to punch Grave. A doctor walked in saying, "Seems those three were burnt alive...but the problem with that is when he was brought here he was found in front of them. Plus the injuries he took seem to be of someone else. A third party appeared it seems but where they took off too is unknown."

+ Grave was released as he stood up shaking head saying only one thing, "What...else do you want with me...before I leave here." Something finally triggered within Grave but it was unknown as to what it was. His fist gripped tightly as he placed his clothes back on grabbing his items. "Thank you for taking care of me now please excuse me." The doctor turned saying, "Hold it right there you haven't fully healed yet!" Stopping to turn back glance over at the doctor the evil glance made the doctor step back a few. As the shinobi came out watching him. "You can let him go doc, he'll be fine he feels he has to do something on his own now. That look in his eyes even shows that something did happen. Walking out towards hospital it seems like weight took over as he came crashing to the ground unable to get up from the weakness. 'Damnit…my body is shutting down again…I cannot allow it not now…' Picking himself up with his staff Grave made his way to the main gate.

+ Soon the shinobis guarding the gate came running up again to Grave whom was leaning over unable to move barely. "Hey you should be rest at the hospital what are you doing?" Grave moved the man out of his way saying, "I need to head back…I need to get stronger than him…he is my rival he is my goal." Grave's eyes were dazed as though he was being called for something only after several times of trying to stop him he made it pass the gate only to walk down the dirt road he soon passed out on the ground breathing heavily and falling asleep. Waking up again as he sat up stretching with a loud yawn while in pain still. Grave glanced around noticing he was in the middle of the forest. "Huh? Now how did I end up out here…" the wind was blowing rustling the leaves within the trees. Grave lifted his head to the left trying listen to whatever was coming into view. But nothing just birds flying over, this did not have Grave worried. "Damn…seems I need to start back at training or else I'll fall behind pretty quick." The shinobi world was no joke no as Grave had to get back in time in order for him to train and go for his main goal. Shaking his head as he pulled off the bandages the time was set as he had to begin setting up for his big plans in life.

+ Soon after thinking about it, "HOLY CRAP I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT MY MISSION GREAT I’m GOING TO SO GET IN TROUBLE FOR THIS!" Yelling it out he quickly pulled out the scroll as he was writing the events that had happen. 'Maybe I can get away with this little bit of information' so he thought. Sighing having to be attacked by his brother then noticing the power he had only made Grave thing about it all. "So…that's what you did. You used the old arts of our family. It seems that would mean I need to study up on my history so I can reach a different power than yours. But if anything I wonder how that would turn out." Grave stared at the stars for a moment to think about it all only to have a small leaf land on his forehead. Taking the leaf off Grave was puzzled only to think, "Are you trying to tell me something little buddy?" As the wind blew Grave let the leaf blow away as it was saying good bye in the wind.

+ Smiling about it all Grave started his walk back to Kumo only to be stopped by something running pass him. "WHAT THE HELL!! Not again something I cannot sense?" Getting ready for a fight the figure appeared before him and bowed, "It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Sir Grave." Blinking this figure was unknown to Grave but he knew his name which only led to one answer to how he knew him. Pulling out the staff he aimed it at the figure saying. "So…you must be a friend of Hao!" The figure nodded to that information and did not mislead him on anything. "Now let me be the first to say, you will not be able to fight us at that level of power trust me." The figure was hard to see but let out a smiling expression which was clear as night. Something was different though Grave couldn't sense this person either. So how was it that they could hide their chakra. "Why are you always hiding your chakra levels huh!" Grave yelled out confused before having the figure smile again saying, "Hiding…we are not hiding you merely cannot sense it cause of our levels being higher than what you can feel."

+ Spinning the staff around Grave aimed at the figure smiling saying, "So…that means I just have to work on that part of my training. No matter, I think it will be worth it if allows me to kick your asses later in life that's for damn sure." The figure laughed loudly only to say, "My you are truly and interesting one you are the complete opposite of master Hao. But it truly does not matter as you are just now understanding the ways of sealing we have mastered that art long before you. Your family has more secrets than you hoped to gain out of this so please be sure to remember that unless you truly want to die by our hands." The figure turned getting ready to walk away before Grave yelled out, "Where are you going now huh?" The figure stopped saying, "I've done my mission. Now please get stronger I rather fight someone who's stronger than me within my life time. I'll even give you two weeks to prove to me what you can do. If you have no improved by that time, then you can kiss your life goodbye within an instant."

+ The figure melded into the ground only to vanish leaving the echoing of what he said ring in Grave's ears. "Great…another reason for me to head home, sadly…I'm starting to hate this." Grave placed on his staff continue walking into the distance heading back home.

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Grave: Arrival in Flames
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