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 Getting to that goal mark....

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PostSubject: Getting to that goal mark....   August 18th 2013, 00:07

The day was humid and hot, the sun baring down with its strong and intense heat it had today of all days, Raijin was outside sitting on one of the pillars outside of the dojo. Sitting indian style with his eyes closed as he sat there focusing upon his chi and controlling its movement throughout his body, he was almost there for becoming an accomplished master samurai in which case he'd be on the same level as his father. While Raijin was focusing his chi he was focusing his raiton chakra at the same time, it was a strong current building up nicely inside of him for the while he has been training getting stronger and stronger faster.

Raijin remained on top of the pillar sitting as still as he could while he focused his raiton chakra and his chi before he opened his eyes, a small static current was being released from around where Raijin was sitting, before a metallic bar that was in the pillar started to take some of the current before a small hand held device beside Raijin started beeping, he blocked out the sound it was making and continued to focus his chakra and chi at the same time before he sighed heavily to himself as he breathed at a focused pace.

The humidity and the heat of the day was the only thing bothering Raijin but he was pushing through it without thinking or bothering too much about his focused state of mind. While he was in this state of mind and presence his lightning was started to get stronger and stronger around him before suddenly without warning it created an electrical shock that popped all around him zapping the bugs that were around him or anything that was in his way. His training was stopped when he suddenly heard Aoi's voice speak up, “Raijin, why are you doing this training?” she asked looking up the support pillar at Raijin, he opened his eyes and sighed as he looked down at Aoi releasing his chakra and chi so that they faded back to normal, “I'm training myself like this right now because I need to master and press my raiton up all the way, I want to master it fully so that I can learn and create some new awesome abilities.” Raijin said as he dropped down to the ground landing on his feet with ease.

Aoi looked at Raijin hold himself tall and strongly, he looked over at where Kumo was and sighed, “things are complicated and I want them uncomplicated.” Raijin said as he walked over to stand beside Aoi before he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, Aoi's face went deep red very quickly as she looked into his eyes, “what?” she asked embarrassed, Raijin sniffed closely to her before he smiled, “I like how you smell.” he said as he released her and started walking off, “I'll see you at home Aoi.” Raijin said as he waved his hand in the air before he suddenly vanished into the air.

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Getting to that goal mark....
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