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 System Update v1.04

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PostSubject: System Update v1.04   January 11th 2014, 10:25

SYSTEM EFFECITVE ON: JAN 11th 2014, 12PM [Central Time Zone]

Player Bio -
+  Dexterity = Speed + Reflex [terms] will be fused into One stat, Choose one of those stats to have prime number. After which, the other can be shared among any other stat or split evenly.

+ Luck - Will be taking affect on new trainings starting dated for Today only!

Training[s] -
+ Inn's are only located in Minor and Major Countries.
+ Hospitals located only through Major Countries and Custom Countries if purchased.

In order for trainings to count now you must have the Title read,
+ Solo - Training: [What is being trained]
+ Group - Training: [What is being Trained by either party]
+ Solo - RP: [To determine EXP]
+ Group - RP: [To determine EXP]
IF RP or Training is not shown within title It would be classed as an RP automatically causing you to forfeit gains if training. So be warned now...

Also, same goes for Missions, Quests, Bingo Books, etc. Please place what you are doing to make the job easier to find on the new site location.

+ Ex. Mission: Rank A - *Title* Your Name *Optional*

Battle System -

+ First Move [PvP] = Dex | D10 | Luck [Score 2 out of 3]
+ Both players must roll a d20 to determine Hit or Miss. [Higher number wins.]
+ Actions are downed to 1 Per turn [Unless skill/ability/ trait trigger]
+ Counter = 1 action start of turn, [Attacker Rolls highest, Defending player uses Jutsu to counter] ex.

+ 4 Choices during battle are [Attack[melee]/Defend | Jutsu[includes Transformations] | Item | Escape.

+ Action Chart is Invalid now and does not need to be used.

+ Puppet users Players - You gain two extra addination for battles.
You can choose Attack[Player] or Attack[Puppet] Visa versa for Jutsu as well.

Warfare System -
+ Each Division will roll a D10 x10 for ATK and DEF
+ Drawback Effects trigger before ability of a Division.
+ Time Update to 5 Hours for heads up of challenge.
+ Players joining war but not a division, Strength /100 and Endurance /100 with rounding. HP is decrease to 100 [Troop Size]

Reincarnation -

*Based upon Level of Death* can be saved for later use but cannot stack.
+ First Death = 35% Total EXP back after training.
+ Second Death =20% Total EXP back after training.
+ Third and onwards =10% Total EXP back after training.

Custom Clan -
+ Doujutsu can have only a max of 2 abilities for the doujutsu.
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System Update v1.04
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