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 [Terrority Grab: Shinmyou Cave] Hello? Anyone here?

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PostSubject: [Terrority Grab: Shinmyou Cave] Hello? Anyone here?   January 12th 2014, 18:09

The sun lit the area around Inshitsu as he walked along a dirt path to the cave of the bjiuu, it was one he used when he was a child in order to get away from the village.’ Let’s do some exploring.’ Inshitsu had overheard a rumor floating around that the cave of the bjiuu had suddenly gone quiet. No one had come to make sure of it due to not wanting venture too far from the village. Inshitsu had nothing else to do since no one needed help, but he was having second thoughts as he approached the dim cave. When he had arrived at the mouth of the cave, he realized that there was nothing that was there. There was not a single creature that currently inhabited the cave. He did see that there were numerous damages inside the cave. ‘It looks that someone attacked the bjiuu, but when? I didn’t hear anything about the bjiuu being disturbed.’  Inshitsu thought about the situation, and guessed that the bjiuu had been sealed into someone from a nearby country as he . He walked into the cave, slowly so that he didn’t trigger any traps that the new two tailed Jin may have left in its tracks. However to Inshitsu’s surprise, it seemed that whoever had attacked the bjiuu had left without leaving anything to covering their tracks back up. ‘I could leave some stuff in here to make sure none of my neighbors know that I have it.’ Inshitsu nodded to confirm with himself that this is where he would leave his weapons. He stepped outside of the cave to make sure nothing was watching him. He made sure that the surrounding area of the cave also had nothing that would anyone to know that he residing within the cave. ‘I’ll begin here. The name of Sokoi Houbou shall be known as the bane of any of the Yomiryuu members.’ Inshitsu started to walk back to the cave’s opening, smirking at the thought of being one step closer to finding the reason behind his sorrow of his life. Inshitsu began to walk back to the village, ‘After all, I think I’m gonna need some more force behind the plan.’
Inshitsu strategized as he left the cave behind, of how he was going to be the cause of the pitfall of Yomiryuu.

Word Count: 392
Exp Gain: 196
Bonus Exp: 20
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[Terrority Grab: Shinmyou Cave] Hello? Anyone here?
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