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 [Training] Solo Rp - Raiton Training

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PostSubject: [Training] Solo Rp - Raiton Training   January 15th 2014, 04:22

Raijin walked out of the city of Iwa and looked out at the rocky wasteland it seemed to be, then back to the shape and looks of the city and came to the conclusion that they were so broke because all they could export were gems, but even then, that was just to cover most of the fees they had to spend he assumed for the import costs of food, and other materials and what not into the country, he sighed and looked up into the sky as he sighed heavily before he took a deep breath, and sat down upon a rock and closed his eyes. He sat on the rock and left the city for a reason due to this kind of training, it had to do with something dangerous and that something dangerous would most likely cause problems if he was caught causing trouble, or even the fact that he was a kumo shinobi was even an amazing fact that he was even allowed into the village of Iwa, he always thought that they would be on him and Grave in a heartbeat but then again, they were there on a mission and he sighed as he opened his eyes and looked up to see the sky, a clear blue sky.

Something about it was too blue though, he looked down and at his surroundings before he noticed that someone was creeping up on him, a small child, why was a child out here in the rocky wasteland, it wasn't a place for a child to be entering at all, before he caught on and noticed it as the child started to whimper and walk towards him, ”A trap!?” Raijin thought to himself as he stood up and moved, the child touched the rock and exploded instantly as if the child was a bomb that set off at it's own pleasure. He looked around and noticed another child was coming towards him before he looked around again scanning the area around him, while he dodged the next child bomb he looked around angrily before he finally noticed the chakra as the next child bomb blew up, but something was different about these kids, they were puppets, Raijin noticed the chakra strings leaving the recent puppet bomb and he avoided the explosion, ”This piece of trash...” Raijin thought to himself as he gritted his teeth knowing that this guy probably had traps set up the close one got to him, sensing his chakra in the same location again he looked to where it was and noticed movement, and a cloud of smoke appear and disappear just as fast as it appeared, “found you...” Raijin said softly enough before he vanished, the child puppet looked around but saw noting and walked around as if it was crying, it even sounded like a crying child so it must have had a speaker within it to bring out the sound.

Raijin pulled his scythe off his back and stood behind a rock keeping check on the chakra before he he nodded, counting down slowly enough from the time he heard the child puppet walking closely by before he left the cover of the rock to slice the puppet in half before he poofed into a cloud of smoke avoiding the damage from the explosion before he found the target and held his fist up in the air with his Raiton focused into it and smirked, “I got you...” Raijin said as the lightning struck the location and a huge explosion happened from the lightning stricking the explosive tags setting them off as well, Raijin nodded, “no one would be able to avoid that kind of attack, it's a sudden last second attack that you barely even notice it striking.
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[Training] Solo Rp - Raiton Training
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