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 [Solo:RP - Hospital] Too much..

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PostSubject: [Solo:RP - Hospital] Too much..   January 15th 2014, 17:16

Inshitsu limped as he saw light shine from beneath the double doors that he was slowly approached. He thudded against the door with his shoulder while his shaky hand twisted the knob open slowly. He stumbled through the door as the door swung open due Inshitsu's weight. "Maybe I pay... for a checkup.", he drones as he crawled towards the nurse's desk. As Inshitsu's vision started to fade away, he could see the nurse calling for the doctor to get Inshitsu. He woke up with the sun shining in his face. As his eyes started to adjust to the light, his ear caught the sound of a female voice, "Are you ok, Sir?" Inshitsu looked at the source of the voice. The nurse who had called the doctor was stood at the foot of the hospital bed that Inshitsu was laying in. "Yeah. Sorry about that, overworked," Inshitsu climbed out of the bed as he spoke to the nurse, "So should I pay here?" The nurse seemed surprised as the ninja started to walk towards her. "It would be the regular fee for a checkup." Inshitsu reached behind him to fetch the amount for her, and dropped the money into the nurse's palm and walked out of the room with the nurse left standing with money.

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[Solo:RP - Hospital] Too much..
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