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 [Solo - Mission: Genin Exam] I will do this.

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PostSubject: [Solo - Mission: Genin Exam] I will do this.   January 15th 2014, 17:37

Inshitsu was shaking with the excitement of what was about to happen today. The building behind him allowed a spot to lean on as he waited for the next student to leave so that his name would be called. He had started to take in the street he was when the door on the building had opened as the student walked out and continued to walk off the street with his head hung. Inshitsu's heart had stopped as he imagined himself doing the student's actions. 'No, I can do this. I will become a Genin!' Inshitsu's knuckles grew white as his hands tighted on the sides of his pants. He listened with anticipation that he rarely felt his life. “Hidaishin Inshitsu, please come in,” the Jounin had announced his name through the open doorway. Inshitsu had released his grip on his pants as he slid around the corner into the classroom.

“Welcome.”, the Jounin stood with his arms crossed on his chest. “We will conduct your test nearby, follow me.” The Jounin walked over to the door behind Inishitsu, “Coming?” Inshitsu nodded his head, going after the ninja as he went through the door he had just entered.

“While we walk, would you like to introduce yourself?” the Jounin’s sudden question had jolted Inshitsu’s attention back to their walk to the training area.”Well, what’s interesting about me?” The Jounin stopped and spun on his heel, “Like why do you want to become a ninja? Surely you aren’t going to run around with the title.” Inshitsu had to pause to debate whether he should tell the truth behind that answer. ”I intend to help my village from the shadows.” was the answer that he had given to the curious shinobi. “A stealth type huh? Well then our training will begin here.” The Jounin had spread his arms to either side of him. Inshitsu tilted his head and looked around at where the shinobi had taken him. “We’re going to train in the marketplace? I’m afraid that I don’t get it.” Inshitsu saw nothing around but people who could be injured. “If you want to help from the shadows, then you must be silent enough for a simple stealing task, right?” The Jounin cocked his head on his shoulder taunting Inshitsu, as he remained silent, the shinobi dropped his arms,”All you’ll need to do,” pausing to grab something from his back,” is grab this scroll from me,” finishing by holding a white scroll in his hand. Inshitsu nodded his head as wind had started to blow, picking leaves from the ground and sending them on a path to the heavens. Inshitsu’s eyes followed the leaves and as he turned to look at the shinobi, he was no longer there.

Inshitsu’s eyes widened as he scanned the area for a sign of the Jounin’s face, coming up with not an idea except for one as he heard the cry of birds flying over head. He started to climb nearby buildings, despite the people’s shouts, in order to look for the rogue shinobi. As he rose to the top of the highest building, he could see everything granted it was without he noticed a group of Jounin together that seemed to be having a little chat about something. Inshitsu started to descend from the building until he saw a scroll that was rolling on the ground near him. As he landed next to the scroll, he noticed that it was the same size as the other scroll looking nearly alike. The gears in Inshitsu’s mind started to spin as he closed in on the crowd of Jounin. He saw the Jounins around a corner and spotted a nearby crowd that he blended with to allow for a more direct sight of the group. Inshitsu could make out the instructor’s face in the group and as they broke away, the Instructor shinobi ran down an alleyway as the others walked down the street. Inshitsu started to move towards the alleyway, but instead of going in to it, he turned to a nearby building and climbing it to peek into the alleyway. As he looked down into the alleyway, he saw a wire running to both walls of the alleyway. Celebrating his small triumph in his mind, he carried on running to would have been the end of the alleyway. He saw the Instructor leaning on a pole as if something had injured him. Inshitsu crossed across the roofs to be on top of the shinobi to watch if he would pull anything. As the shinobi looked behind him, he tilted his head as if he had been expecting Inshitsu to approach from the back. He shrugged and continued on his path, seemly just strolling, looking for where the ninja had appeared to gone. Inshitsu started to go ahead in his path in order to sneak up on him to cut him off. Inshitsu landed 2 blocks ahead hidden by a wall. As the Instructor walked by him, he started a conversation with a nearby Jounin under a wall covered in hanging lamps. Inshitsu’s face contorted into a smirk as he picked a pebble from the ground and chucked at the lamps that weren’t facing him. As the lamp ripped from its hanging position on the verge of falling to the ground, Inshitsu sprinted as the two Jounin looked at the falling lamp. Inshitsu rushed to the Instructor to quickly swap the target scroll with the blank one without alerting him. Inshitsu fled to the rooftop to make sure that he was unnoticed by the ninjas who were pulling their sight away from the ripped lamps. Inshitsu dropped back to the ground in front of the two shinobi, pulling the scroll out of his pouch, presenting it to the ninjas. The Instructor’s eyes widened slightly with a grin emerging on his face,” I guess you can help the village. Congratulations, you passed.” Inshitsu froze, dropping the blank scroll on the ground as he processed the thought of his graduation. As he realized what the shinobi had said, he ran back to his home to celebrate, and to catch up on some sleep.

Word Exp: 513 Exp.
Bonus Exp: 51 Exp.
Total Exp: 564 Exp.
Mission Completed!
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[Solo - Mission: Genin Exam] I will do this.
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