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 Solo Training - RP: Intellegence

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PostSubject: Solo Training - RP: Intellegence    January 15th 2014, 17:52

As clouds slowly rolled over the blue sky, Kele stepped out of his small, humble hut and began to slowly stroll into the more slowly moving part of Iwa. When he found a nice patch of unknown grass about a 5 minutes walk from his hut, he laid down and began to watch the clouds roll by. Gently, the clouds came into his view like snakes slowly slithering through the underbrush. Kele remarked in his mind when a cloud that reminded him of a turtle. Kele wondered how different his life would be if he was born in another village or belonged to a different clan. After around an hour of pondering over this topic, he came to the conclusion that he was glad to be born into this clan and this family. After feeling just a titch smarter, Kele decided to sleep. When he had awoken, the sky had turned into a beautiful amber color with very few clouds poked carefully throughout the sky. He stepped up quickly and slowly strolled back to his hut and prepared for his evening meal.

Word Count: 182
Word Exp: 91
Bonus Exp: 18
Post Exp: 10
Total Exp: 119
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Intellegence    January 15th 2014, 17:52

rolling dice for Intelligence
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Intellegence    January 15th 2014, 17:52

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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Intellegence    

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Solo Training - RP: Intellegence
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