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 Solo Training - RP: Health

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PostSubject: Solo Training - RP: Health   January 15th 2014, 21:39

Kele walked into the open aired market area, not to purchase anything, just so he could have something to do on a clear day. From across the market, he saw a girl… an exceptionally beautiful girl that he had never seen before. “Damn,” he thought, “I wonder what she likes to do…” Only after he had completely forgotten about everything but this girl, he had ran into a stall and spilled the fresh, succulent produce all over the dirt floor. Kele had also accidentally stepped an orange which proceeded to burst and squirt it’s acidic juice into a guard’s eye. As the guard stormed over, the stall owner proceeded to grab Kele by the back of collar. When the guard came up, he asked, “Why did you do that kid?” Kele responded with, “I didn’t see the orange, I got distracted and ran into the booth. Can I go?” “Sure kid, but then you gotta deal with this nice shop owner whose merchandise you just destroyed.”

Kele looked behind his shoulder and saw the shop owner with an almost feral look in his eyes. “Look, sir, can we just put this behind our selves? I will pay for anything I destroyed.” Kele said with a bit of a strainy whine in his voice. The shop owner grinned and said with a small chuckle in his voice, “Nah kid. You are brainy, I can tell, but you are sure as hell aren’t too strong… I am.” “Sir, can we not do this? I am not in the mood.” Kele then realized that the owner was serious and as soon as he started to wonder how to fight him the shop owner when the owner punched him square in the nose. “OW! Really? I wasn’t even ready!” Kele yelled in frustration. The man kept on throwing punches. Left, right, left, uppercut. It went on for a while, Kele was blocking only every so often because he was so dazed after most of the punches. Once the 4th combo hit Kele, the owner either decided that he was bored and put one more punch into him, or thought that he was almost out cold, which he was, and put one more punch into him because the owner lifted up his fists and clobbered into Keles head. Kele passed right on out.

When he had awoken, the open aired market that had once been home to many delicious smells and sights, had gone dark. The night air was not refreshing like the warm afternoon air, but was cold and draining. Kele had a pounding headache. Not like the one’s you get at random, but the ones you get after you get beaten up by a produce stand shop owner. When Kele had decided it was time to get up and had stood up, he instantly regretted it. Pain shot through his body like a bolt of lightning on Speed. Kele stumbled out into the streets of Iwa. Empty, just like the market. Kele thought something was up because no matter what, the streets always had at least one maybe 2 citizens milling about. Not this night. Was it the cold? Was it the fight? Kele had no clue what could be the matter. Brushing off this strange occurrence, Kele fought the pain back like it was a wolf and he was a meeger man with a torch. When Kele had finally made it back to his hut, he had barely even felt the bed before he fell asleep. He dreamt of the girl that he had seen at the market. It was actually her fault that all of this happened. No girl has business being so goddamned beautiful, he decided. Kele knew that when he finally wakes, if he ever does, he will find this beautiful girl. But first, he must sleep.

Word Count: 628
Word Exp:127
Bonus Exp:31
Post Exp: 10
Total Exp:168
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Health   January 15th 2014, 21:40

rolling for health
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Health   January 15th 2014, 21:40

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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Health   January 15th 2014, 23:02

wait. shit. i totally messed up. im dumb sorry
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Health   January 17th 2014, 22:11

Did my exp math wrong, sorry. i should have gotten 355 exp. thanks masterflutter
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Health   

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Solo Training - RP: Health
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