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 The Start of Something

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PostSubject: The Start of Something   January 17th 2014, 18:05

"Shiro! Shiro!, Where are you!" The head of the Hyuuga family shouted as he dashed through the Hyuuga family household, looking for his youngest son. "Ahh, there you are, I have some terrible news, your older brother, has just come back from his mission, and is in the hospital, it appears he will never be able to work as a ninja again. We have decided that he shall take your place, as apprentice of finances and the running of the clan. This means that you shall have to take his place, else other members of the village will look down on our family for having no active members among the shinobi here. I know it will be tough joining at such a late age, but the training we have already given you should help you out."

Hyuuga Shirotsuki awoke from his sleep, covered in sweat again, from the same dream again. It had been a few weeks since that incident had happened, and he had been busy every day training hard under instruction of his father. That one moment had changed his entire life. After getting dressed, he got up and looked outside, noticing it was almost dawn. Time to get training. And so yet another day began of training hard, soon he would enroll to the academy, and with luck graduate in record time thanks to what he already knew. He found a member from one of the branch families and got them to instruct and train him in the ways of the Hyuuga.

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something   January 17th 2014, 18:05

Rolling for Dex stats
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something   January 17th 2014, 18:05

The member 'Satyr' has done the following action : Dices

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Something   

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The Start of Something
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