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 Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control

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PostSubject: Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control   January 20th 2014, 03:44

Kele left his house to begin his hike to a less traveled path, which leads to an unknown lake. Kele always hopes that the lake is never discovered by other citizens of Iwa. He brought a few small snacks to eat along the way. The path was beginning to look slightly travel-worn which slightly annoyed Kele. Kele pulled out one of the carrots that he brought to eat on the way, small pieces of carrot crumbled down his chin. As he passed a tree that he didn’t recognize, he realized he just walked aimlessly for around 5 minutes. Kele began to get nervous for a few minutes until he found his way…. which was actually just a little to the left. His path was actually blocked by a downed tree.
“Well, either I could try to get pull it away, or just go around it to keep my oath concealed.” Kele thought. He decided to just go around the downed tree.

When Kele finally reached the lake, he took off his shoes and placed the neatly next to his knapsack. Kele backed up about 10 yards, took a deep breath and went into a full run at the lake, he kept running but tried to flatten his feet and when he thought he was running across the lake… he wasn’t and was just kicking his feet under the water. Kele waded back to the shore and tried again. This time he got a few steps in before submerging into the waist-deep water.
“Damn it!” Kele shouted in frustration. After a few more times of getting 1 or 2 steps he took a break to eat. Kele pulled out an apple and a pear, began to slowly gnaw into the not-so-ripe-yet pear. Kele gnawed on the pear for a few minutes until he got down the core. He threw the pear core into the woods and started to eat his apple. After he had finished eating, he brushed himself off and prepared to try again.

Kele walked about 50 yards back, farther than he normally goes. Before he ran, Kele took a very deep breath and steadied his heartbeat. When he exhaled, he started to jog and slowly built up the momentum to break into the full run. Kele reached the lake and started to run across the lake! Kele refused to stop paying attention to just running, no celebrating until he got at least half way across. By the time he thought of maybe being halfway across, Kele realized he had gotten all the way across and then some. Kele launched his arms into the air and began fist pumping for a while. Kele stopped celebrating when he realized that he needed to get back across.
“Either I can go all the way around… or go across.” Kele thought, slowing breaking into a grin.

Kele backed up only 40 yards away this time only because he felt both confident and because if he went any further he would run into a large cliff that the lake was near. Kele took another deep breath, steadied his heartbeat and started into a faster jog to compensate for the 10 yard lossage. All of his mind went into staying above water, and it worked. Kele had gotten all the way across the lake again.
“Yes! I am the best at this!” Kele shouted with joy. As Kele gathered his things, he heard rustling in the trees. He assumed it was just an animal or the wind, but he had caught a glimpse of an eye. A human eye to be exact.
“Who is there?!?” Kele shouted into the trees. Kele waited for a while. No answer, but there was a flash of red, not light red but a crimson color.
“It was fabic!” Kele thought to himself. “It must have been a person, unless the deer are now wearing clothes.”
Kele cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted, “I know you are out there! Even though this is my lake, we can share it!” Another glimpse of fabric, this time more body. The body seemed almost feminine. Kele took a deep breath, clutched his belongings and set off into the forest to find the girl… or feminine man. As Kele delved deeper and deeper into the woods going after small flashes of red fabric he began to realize that he had no clue where he was in the woods.
“Oh god no. Where have you taken me!?!” Kele shouted into trees. Night was beginning to fall and it was beginning to darken all of the woods around Kele. Kele decided that enough was enough, he broke out into a full run. The glimpses of fabric began to look more vivid and closer to him, the girl was not fast enough to get away from Kele. Kele grabbed the red fabric as it went around a tree.
“Gotcha! Now, who the hell are you?” Kele pulled the hood off of the girl and instantly recognized her. It was the girl from the market.

Word Count: 840
Word Exp: 420 (blaze it)
Bonus Exp: 42
Post Exp: 10
Total Exp: 472

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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control   January 20th 2014, 03:45

rolling for chakra control
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control   January 20th 2014, 03:45

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PostSubject: Re: Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control   

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Solo Training - RP: Chakra Control
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