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 Solo RP - Hosptal

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PostSubject: Solo RP - Hosptal   January 20th 2014, 17:32

Kele walked into the Iwa Hospital with a few visible bruises, the nurses really hoped that it wasn’t another whiny initiate who got hit too hard one time. That was in the case, at least with Kele it wasn’t. After the beating at the open air market, Kele thought that it would be a good idea to rest… by having a small Chakra Training session. It wasn’t. Kele was bleeding ever so slightly internally, one maybe 2 drops per second. Those seconds start to add up, especially if you are trying to run over water. So after the day of Chakra Training, Kele found it hard to move, he thought that it was only because he had trained hard. It wasn’t. Kele decided that he should go to the hospital, just to be safe. When the nurses first saw him, they thought he was fine… not after they started to ask him questions about what hurt where. The nurses found him a bed to rest in while they went to get the doctor. Laying on the rough sheets of the hospital bed, Kele actually felt slightly at ease.

Kele must have fallen asleep on the bed because the next thing he knew, it was pitch black outside. Kele lifted his head, but was immediately told not to by a passing nurse.
She asked, “Does your IV feel alright?”
“Yeah, I guess.” Kele replied reluctantly.
“Oh thank god. Today is my first day here and I was told to put in your IV. Luckily you were asleep… ‘cause I kinda’ missed… a few times.” the nurse said with a slight smile tickling at the sides of her mouth.
“How many times is a few?” Kele asked.
“Oh you know… 5.” the nurse said quickly.
“You messed up my IV 5 whole times! How does that happen?!?” Kele half-said, half-shouted.
“Quiet down! You don’t want to wake everyone up! It happens when a nurse is new and is insanely nervous.” the nurse said.
“Ok. What is wrong with me?” Kele asked.
“You said that you got in a fight? You got a concussion and had a few broken ribs, one of which nicked you a little bit, which caused the bleeding.” the nurse said in a kind of monotonous voice.
“When can I leave here then?” Kele asked.
“At minimum, 5 days, at maximum, 6 days. We just have to wait and see. Well, I have to get to other patients, if you need anything just ask.” The nurse smiled and walked away.
“Ok! Thank you.” Kele replied.

After a few days in the hospital, Kele started to really like it. People taking care of you. Not a worry in the world, besides the worry of dying in your sleep for no reason. Kele decided to stand up.
“It’s been five days anyway.” Kele said under his breath. He put his left foot on the ground, then his right, and stood up. He was a little unbalanced, but he could walk. When he finally stumbled his way to the front desk, he had already gotten the 60 ryo needed to pay out of his pockets. He slammed it on the desk and walked out of the hospital

Word Count: 537
Word Exp:268
Bonus Exp:27

- 5 HP Markers, -60 Ryo
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Solo RP - Hosptal
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